Where do you think these players will be plying their trade next season?

Victor Valdez

Luis Suarez







Christian Eriksen

Julio Cesar

BQ: If your club could sign any of the above mentioned players (not already in your team) who would it be?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Victor Valdez - Will want champions league football and 1st team games .. I'll say arsenal

    Luis Suarez - Liverpool if we don't get close to top 4 Can see him leaving next season

    Cavani - Real Madrid as a replacement for Higuain

    Falcao - PSG, Well it will be whoever pays the highest wage lets be honest :P

    Fellaini - Manchester United Just because of David Moyes and has said he wanted Champions League football

    Higuain - Arsenal - would be a Great buy for them and They have the money to do so (Wages could be an issue!)

    Benteke - Spurs - needs to be at a better club than Villa and spurs desperately need a Striker

    Rooney - Manchester United can't see him Leaving I think he just loves the media attention

    Christian Eriksen - Dortmund - Would love to see at Liverpool but wants Champions League Football

    Julio Cesar - some Brazilian Club that would be prepared to pay his wages

    Adding another Bale: Can see him staying at spurs unless Madrid or City put in a lucrative offer in for him

    BQ: Eriksen - Think he would fit in really well at Liverpool and would no doubt have a big impact here

  • 7 years ago

    Valdez: A$ Monaco

    Suarez: Liverpool

    Cavani: Man City

    Falcao: Atletico Madrid

    Fellaini: Man United

    Higuain: Arsenal

    Benteke: Aston Villa

    Rooney: Man United

    Eriksen: No clue

    Julio Cesar: Arsenal

  • 7 years ago

    Valdes - Arsenal

    Suarez - Liverpool

    Cavani - Real Madrid

    Falcao - Chelsea

    Fellaini - Man Utd

    Higuain - Arsenal

    Benteke - Spurs

    Rooney - PSG

    Eriksen - Liverpool

    Julio Cesar - no idea

    BQ: I'd like Luis Suarez at Barcelona

  • 7 years ago

    Valdez - Barcelona

    Luis Suarez - Liverpool

    Cavani - Man City

    Falcao - Athletico Madrid

    Fellaini - Manchester United

    Higuain - Real Madrid

    Benteke - Tottenham

    Rooney - Manchester United

    Christian Eriksen - Liverpool

    Julio Cesar - Arsenal.

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  • 7 years ago

    Valdez- Barcelona

    Suarez - Juventus/Real Madrid

    Cavani - City

    Falcao - Monaco

    Fellaini - Manchester United

    Higuain - Arsenal

    Benteke - Tottenham

    Rooney - Manchester United/PSG

    Eriksen - Borrussia Dortmund

    Julio Cesar - Liverpool/Arsenal

    BQ: Christian Eriksen would be a great signing but Fellaini is the more plausible.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Victor Valdez - AS Monaco

    Luis Suarez - Liverpool (Last season if they don't qualify)

    Cavani - Manchester City/Real Madrid

    Falcao - AS Monaco

    Fellaini - Manchester United

    Higuain - Arsenal/ Chelsea

    Benteke - Spurs/Arsenal (If they don't sign Higuain)

    Rooney - Manchester United (Though I really think he should be sold. Overhyped, and clearly overpaid)

    Christian Eriksen - Dortmund/ Liverpool (Agger is the captain of Denmark and might influence him)

    Julio Cesar - I can't think of any club

  • Jon
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Valdes - Monaco

    Suarez - Liverpool

    Cavani - Real Madrid

    Falcao - Monaco

    Fellaini - Chelsea

    Higuain - Juventus

    Benteke - Spurs

    Rooney - United (cant see any big clubs wanting him)

    Eriksen - some shit club, who cares his time passed long ago

    Cesar - Arsenal

    BQ: Suarez

    BTW apparently Monaco just signed J. Rodriguez and Moutinho for 70m... that club is spending a lot

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Valdes- Monaco

    Suarez- Liverpool

    Cavani- City

    Falcao- Atletico Madrid (he isn't moving)

    Felliani- United... maybe

    Higuain- Real Madrid... although i'd like it to be Arsenal

    Benteke- probably still Villla

    Rooney- Chelsea or a u-turn and stay at United.

    Eriksen- he'll sign a new contract at Ajax soon.

    Cesar- Probably Arsenal actually, but don't really want him.

    BQ- Falcao, without any doubt.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Suarez. Bayern

    Cavani. Chelsea

    Falcao. Man city

    Higuain. Spurs

    Benteke. Villa

    Rooney. Man u

    Erikson. Arsenal

  • 7 years ago

    Valdez- Stay at Barca

    Suarez- Bayern Munich :(

    Cavani- Chelsea

    Falcao- Ath Madrid

    Fellaini- Man U

    Higuain- Arsenal

    Benteke- Aston Villa


    Erikesen- PSG :(

    Cesar- Arsenal

    At Liverpool, I would like to see Erikesen and Cesar but I know we won't get them.


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