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Social Studies Task. Margaret Thatcher?

for social studies i have an assignment worth 4 credits. i have to choose a leader and basicly research in detail about them using three questions ive come up with. my three are...

1) which of her actions made her so well known?

2) what was her impact on society? how does that effect the world we live in today?

3) what was her background/Culture? is there anyway that this has noticeably influenced her decisions?

if you could give me any ideas on how to make my questions sound better. or what to google, maybe a good website? that would be great!

but what should i add to these to make sure i get the 4 credits in excellence?

any tips?

thanks xox

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  • 8 years ago
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    Margaret Thatcher was well known because she invented privatization and pioneered shrinking the size of government and increasing freedom. She privatized government-owned industries, something that had never been tried before. Other countries, most notably America, followed her example.

    Margaret Thatcher's impact on British society was to tear down the old class structure and make it more upwardly mobile. She achieved that by privatizing industries through selling shares. Millions of Britons became shareholders. She gave people who lived in council houses the right to buy their homes. Many Britons became the first in their family to own their home.

    Margaret Thatcher impacted American society through her friend, President Ronald Reagan. Through Reagan, Margaret Thatcher impacted the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and liberated them from communism.

    Today, we all live in the world that Margaret Thatcher created.

    Margaret Thatcher was raised in Grantham, a small town 100 miles north of London. Her father owned a grocery store and was active in his church and local politics. Working in the store, she learned a lot about economics and how to run things. At dinner, her family had political discussions and she was encouraged to learn as much as she could about the issues, take a stand and argue it. Her father taught her to always do what she thought was right, even if it was not popular, never to follow the crowd. Margaret Thatcher achieved greatness by standing out and going it alone.

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