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Computer goes funny after unplugged PSU?

I got a computer worked fine until i unplugged the PSU and put it back in now i plugged the floppy all the stuff back in including the floppy and there are 2 cables that could go on floppy i just stuck any in and it i turned it on and it started normally but when it was going to load windows it said searching for boot record on floppy or something anyway so i went to the BIOS and got rid of the floppy option and i went it went to windows but it said checking disk and stuff anyway so it went to windows and that's the last i used it what's the problem do i need to change the floppy wire cable inside but i turned the computer off by accident while it was starting windows so don't worry about the checking disk thing help is appreciated THE computer is not old because it has a floppy iot a 1 and a half year old computer i just put the floppy from my older computer in there it is also a custom build.



Update 2:

I use floppys still... for playing old MS-DOS and 98 games virtually

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  • DrDave
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    What you NEED to do is find someone who knows what they're doing. YOU haven't a clue and shouldn't be touching the inside of a pc. Why you'd even be installing a floppy drive is beyond me to begin with.

  • wooton
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    it sounds fairly twisted up i ought to say if the demonstrate screen became operating then to do a verify on in the bios menu by utilising urgent f2 even if the beeping i dont recognize and if there became a difficulty with the skill furnish then it wouldnt beep my buddy had a simmelr difficulty once and it became certainly the motherboard even if computers do have warrenties you want to verify the position you obtain it from and do a verify and ask his mom if she needs a extreme priced laptop to easily be thrown away or fastened

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