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What is the brand of dawn zulueta's outfits/dresse in walang hanggan?

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Best Answer
I saw this question after i watched walang hanggan. xD
Heres the info.

Of Miladay and Emily Guidotti
As drama and excitement escalate in Walang Hanggan, the production design of the telesine remains faithful to form. For instance, to bring more power to the already powerful character of Emily Guidotti (played by Dawn Zulueta), she is seen wearing jewels that define her strength, class and sophistication. Thanks to the trusted Filipino jewelry brand Miladay Jewels, Emily shines brighter in her every scene. For Walang Hanggan, Dawn Zulueta wears fine-grade investment jewelry from Miladay’s newest collection of black and white diamonds, natural colored diamonds, canary yellow and pink diamonds among other fine jewels.
Miladay Jewels has stores at 150 Jupiter St., Makati, Glorietta 4, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, The Podium, SM The Block, TriNoma, and SM Taytay. For more information, call 896-4504, 896-8214 or 890-7738. Check out www.miladayjewels.com.
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  • SMS answered 10 months ago
    i love dawn zuleta she is a very talented actress, pretty and have a good heart
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  • What is the brand of dawn zulueta's outfits/dresse in walang hanggan?
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