If planet Pluto was discovered in 1930, then how Hindus worships Navgrahs (9 planets) for so many years?

Hindus found a ninth planet but they are keeping it a secret because there intelligent life there more advanced than ours??????????????????????

Hindus might have that information earlier than this ninth or even first planet had been discovered.


all the navgrahas i refered r not actual planets??????.Pluto is not in navgrahas.Navgrahs includes ketu, rahu etc which r planets or not. Hindus just considered planets that can have influence on humans( don't know what force they exert)


it must have been derived from any of the ancient holy book of hindus, may be from Vedas.

"Hinduism is generally regarded as the world's oldest organized religion".

"The oldest organized religion in the world is Hinduism'

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    Basic Understanding itself is NOT correct.

    Gaham does Not mean planet.---Graham means "a place where a Celestial body remains at a given time"for brevity they use the term "House"(within parntheses) --even Sun a Star--Moon a Satellite are supposed to be in one or the other Graham.








    Raahu and Kethu are NOT planets They are related to the Lunar Nodes.

    The Luanar path intersects the Ecliptic at two points,called Lunar nodes.

    The ascending node is where the moon crosses to the north of the ecliptic--the shadow caused is known as Rahu.

    The descending node is where it crosses to the south,the shadow caused is called Kethu

    Hindu astrologers (Arya Bhatta--Varaaha Mihira--Bhaskara-I and Bhaskara -II have calculated in advance All the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in a Cycle of 60 years (Shashti Samvatsaram)--Like that for several 1000 cycles.

    Why a Cycle of 60 years ?

    Sun takes one year to go round all the Zodaics (Raasi)

    Jupitor takes 12 years and Saturn takes 30 years

    The Lowest Common Multiple(LCM) of 1--12--and 30 is 60.

    Elaborate calculations have been made by Arya Bhatta regarding the time taken for each planet to go round the Sunand it coinsides very closely with most modern computer calculations,verified by Modern NASA Indian Astronomers--I can give their references

    Arya Bhataa's treatises are (1) Dasa Kittika and (2) Kaalakriya.--any body can verify.

    He has calculated that it takes 4,32,000 years between Two events (ERA)of the Sun--Earth--Mars--Mercury--Jupitor--Venus and Saturn to come in One line (epi-centr Sun) .He calls that Period as One "TAMAM"--similarly he has calculated how many Tamams make one "ANVANTHARAM"--how many Anvantarams =one KALPAM---How many Kalpams =One PARAM ---One PARAM is 311 Trillion years.How many Yugams--Tamams---Anvantarams--Kalpams--Params have we gone through till this date have also been calculated by him .This is now under close scrutiny by Modern Astronomers.Dr.N.Rajaram (NASA) --Dr,B,V.Narahari Achar (Prof of Physics ,Memphis University,,Tennese,USA )are calcualing various Hindu events on the basis of these Astronomers calculations and described in Scriptures.Scholars like Dr.K,S,Ragavan has very precisely fixed the date of Bhagavad Geetha as November,22,3067 B.C.E.

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    Which Planet Was Discovered In 1930

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    Pluto is not a planet. There are now considered to be only 8 planets in the Solar System. There are also a number of other objects, several of which are larger than Pluto, and one of those having an independent orbit like Pluto.

    Moreover, there was a time around the early 19th century when several large asteroids were considered to be planets, bringing the official count at that time above 9. It was relegated back down later, before the discovery of Pluto.

    There's nothing particularly special about hinduism.

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    It was discovered by west in 1930 but that does not mean it came into existence in 1930, it was always there for any intelligent civilisation to observe and calculate its influence on living and non livings entities on earth.

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    According to wiki, they're the 5 other planets closer to the sun, the sun and moon, and two points in the sky (north and south "nodes", which I'm guessing is like polaris and where a "south star" would be).

    So they didn't worship and further out than saturn

    (I know, wiki is bad research, but good for quick definitions)

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    Most Hindus think of the Nava Grahas as the nine planets. The word nava does mean nine, but graha does not directly mean planet. Instead, graha, comes from the Sanskrit root grih which means “to seize” or “to take hold of.” Literally, these nine "planets"are nine “seizers,” so if we can be seized or taken hold of, we can be influenced. The Nava Grahas are, therefore, the nine influences over our lives

    Source(s): Nine Planets: Nava Grahas? http://www.sanskrit.org/www/Hindu%20Primer/navagra...
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    If what you're saying is true, it suggests an advanced astrology was practiced in India, despite their lack of astronomical understanding. No wonder it says in the Bible that the wise men came from the East.

    Yours in Christ,


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    More evidence of aliens among us I guess?

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