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East Africa humanitarian crisis: What can we do to help?

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East Africa is hit by a devastating humanitarian crisis. In the fight against hunger and thirst, Yahoo! supports the initiative "Save the Children" and the family of Bob ...show more
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The simple fact is to give more money.

But I can see why many people are not doing so.

They associate Somalia with terrorism and piracy, and of course there is the issue with many people here having to make spending cuts on a personal level.

Of course, people forget that it is not just Somalia that is affected by the drought, in addition to which almost all Somali's are not involved in terrorism or piracy.

As for the long term solution, well that will involve Somalia having a stable democratic government, and that does not look like it will happen for a while.


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  • theanswer read it again please answered 4 years ago
    For quite some years I have been offering a solution to food water in Africa, I want to know why no one is interested? but first
    Tell Africa to at last take some real advice, and get into birth control.
    Since the fifties there has been a push to get Africans to understand there will be great problems in the future unless they reduce the amount of Children they have, and alter farming practices from their tradiional methods which is part of the cause of the food shortage, it is such a shame culture takes presdence over commonsense because the result are a series of humanitarian crisis that will only get worse as the population continues to increase and women are slaves to men.
    Tell the war lords to stop selling the stock pile of grain for weapons.
    I have been offering a genuine solution to water shortage for several years, the fact no one has taken any notice means I now believe no one really cares, short term soluton only make for longer term increase in probems,, Apparently people just want to be seen to look like they care. And the suffering is used as much as a political tool as anything else.
    there is a difference, The Arabs have enough money to build massive skyscapers yet let their fellow Muslims starve when it is easy to provide water to grow food. Even if we could feed all those people now the problem will be repeated I AM OFFERING A PERMANANT SOLUTION TO WATER FOOD PRODUCTION to be frank I dont get it they say they want to help help is offered no one is interested I dont believe them any more. If anyone is interested they will contact this person, this is a solution. to true poverty, which is hunger not a lack of material goods,


    I am the source.
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  • Danin answered 4 years ago
    I am tired of hearing about a country that should not be populated being in strife yet again.

    There are so many wars and countries within Africa it is impossible to help anyone when they can't see trees for the forest.

    I want to feel sorry for them but I think we have just been making things worse. We are allowing them to be victims and keep them on land that is useless and needs to be abandoned.

    The women are trying to survive and the men keep using them for sex and impregnating them. The women have babies that die on a 1 in 2 average. How pathetic a life do you need to have before you stand up and say NO get away from me and let me keep my surviving children alive!!

    I am not a christian so do believe in evolution, and I understand fully why our ancestors escaped Africa and it's surrounds and moved onto hard but better environments.

    I am just so tired and apathetic about it all. I just can't bring myself to care and I am so saddened by that fact. I care more for our humpbacked whales becoming extinct than I do for Africa.
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  • KnoFear answered 4 years ago
    I am currently the founder and leader of a charity group that aims to help those in need all of the world. Our group name is known as The Rise Up Charity. Through donations and other public service needs, we have helped several African and Asian nations in the past few years. Our group's country project this year is Somalia. So far, my group has raised just over 15,000 dollars to benefit relief for the country. As soon as we reach our goal amount, we will send our funds to help those suffering from the drought in the horn of Africa. I am proud to do this, and I will save those who need it.
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  • Random Boy answered 4 years ago
    Nothing, they have had thousands of years to set up a thriving nation but instead they deside to have mass genocide and other things. Their Fault, their problem. Why should we have to pay, its their responsibility to feed their children...not mine.


    @ Ben Goldberg, I know a kid named Ben Goldberg
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  • Cisco Kid answered 4 years ago
    Personal responsibility, did you ever hear of it ?
    Father a child, feed it.
    Don't hope for some other country to feed it.
    You give all your money sucker.
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  • Tyler answered 4 years ago
    Tell them to stop having so many babies, then maybe they'll be more food to go round.
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  • Joseph the Second answered 4 years ago
    ANYthing- that We can Afford.
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  • East Africa humanitarian crisis: What can we do to help?
    East Africa is hit by a devastating humanitarian crisis. In the fight against hunger and thirst, Yahoo! supports the initiative "Save the Children" and the family of Bob Marley.

    For further information, please visit our blog: http://www.yahoo7answersblog.com/b4/2011/08/10/east-africa-humanitarian-crisis-lets-help/

    Please consider making a contribution and share your suggestions so that this tragedy will not remain silent - share it in your Facebook status and Twitter.
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