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Where is the best place to start if I want to write a business plan for my new company?

I need to apply for bank finance to help launch my new business, and my banker requires a business plan. Can anyone point me at the best place to start the process? Many thanks.


Just wanted to add that I am in New Zealand, so would be good to get some kiwi input too :)

Update 2:

Thanks for all the responses - much appreciated. Have found this link particularly helpful so far

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    Go to or for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

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    A good site to check out is We're a business planning and scoring service that anyone can use to vet their business idea. Based on your input, we automatically generate your business plan, complete with all text and financial forecasts, for free. We also score your business plan to see whether or not it's a good idea. All plans are put together bank and investor ready so you can download and print your business plan and give it to your banker directly. Hope that helps. If you have any questions, you can email directly at


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    9 years ago is a website run but the New Zealand government which has loads of free information about planning, preparing and writing business plans. They also have an example business plan template to download.

    It’s quite useful as it separates the business plan into sections:

    • Business model

    • Business strategy

    • Marketing

    • Team and management structure

    • Financial budgets and forecasts

    • Summary

    Although depending on your business you might need more sections – this is a really good point to start from.

    The free business plan template:

    Lots of information about business planning:

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    A Google search for "Business Plans" will yield lots of results.

    The Small Business Administration site probably has resources as well.

    One thing to make sure you include is a discussion of your Sustainable Strategic Advantage. What differentiates your business vs. the competition? And is that advantage sustainable or just a short term anomaly?

    Source(s): Me ...23 years as a CPA
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    there are various agencies that opened and ran for years without a written agency plan. That being suggested, you rather ought to have a written plan to your agency in some unspecified time contained sooner or later quickly. The extra significant element is which you realize and adjust to all the legal standards to your agency (license, taxes, enables, etc.) basically before doing agency. Failing at the beginning all your legal geese in a row is particularly probably to reason you issues down the line.

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