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Radiation can cause acid rain?

As far as I know, radiation comes from the isotopes of certain elements that are generated from the nuclear plant. While acid rain comes from the sulphuric and nitric acids that were formed when sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with atmospheric water or rain water.

Is it possible that radiation can cause acid rain? If so, can anyone explain the mechanism and processes?

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    No. Nuclear radiation is not a factor in the production of acid rain.

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    Actually, rain has been acidic for a couple billion years. That's because there have always been CO2, SO2 and other gases in the atmosphere that react with water to make acidic solutions. Only recently has rain become more acidic do to increased levels of CO2, SO2 and NOx due to the actions of mankind.

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    Radiation Rain

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    Pollution is the main cause for acid rain..

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