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Why do men prefer short women?

It is well known that men prefer shorter women but it seems that they also prefer short women in general. Studies show that the most attractive height for a woman is in the range of 5'0 - 5'2" regardless of the man's height (even if the man was 6'2" he still preferred the 5'2" woman). Also this was not just one study, but several studies , of both British and American men aged 18-49. All the studies came to the same conclusion. The weird thing is, the average height of an adult woman is 5'5", and 5'0" - 5'2" is the average height of 13- 15 yr olds (only 10% of adult women are actually between 5'0 and 5'2" ). In ancient greece, it was common for men to marry teenagers , they also regarded the height difference as a turn-on. Psychologists don't know the reason for men's preference for short women but they think its probably because 1) shorter wome are *perceived* to be more submissive 2) they are more fertile 3) they have higher estrogen levels ( Estrogen closes the epiphyseal plates of the bones stopping growth ) which means they also have other attractive features like bigger breasts, smaller waists, and nice skin.

Short women with long legs are the most attractive

In this study, men were shown pictures of women's bodies and they rated short women with proportionally longer legs, bigger breasts and smaller waists as more feminine and sexually attractive.

Short women more successful with men

This study found that short women and tall men were less likey to be single and more likely to be married at a younger age.

Men prefer short women for longterm relationships

In this study, tall women were perceived to be more powerful and short women were perceived to be more submissive. Men preferred submissive women for longterm romantic relationships.

Taller women more upwardly mobile

This study found that taller women attach more importance to their careers whereas shorter women attach more importance to having children. Taller women had more testosterone than shorter women which made them more competitve, assertive and amibitious.

Men prefer women of below-average height

The most attractive height for a woman is 1.2 and 1.7 standard deviations below the female population average (5'0" - 5'2")

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  • Ned
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    Interesting. I'm 5'5" and I've never dated a girl shorter than myself, Helen is 6'5" the tallest and Christy is 5'8". That kinda blows your idea out of the water, unless Emily, sorry not you, starts dating me, she's 5'0" and that's not likely.

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    Hi Emily, well.. to be honest, not really... I am a guy which really likes a women by her personality more than of her looks... If she is extremely tall and i am 5'8 i will still try to do my thing regardless of her tallness... its more in my opinion in the taste of the people but i honestly don't think thats what men are really looking for.

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    I'll be the first to actually ANSWER your question. No one else is getting it. I like girls a few inches shorter than me because they are cuter like that. What kind of guy would want a girl taller than him? Well, I suppose if she's reeaaaallly cute. But, I like them like that because it gives the dude a reason to love her moer...and she'll also fel safe around you, too. Aww..

  • Sienna
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    I'm a man and I prefer shorter women but I don't know why!

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    Huh where is the actual question

    thats just a long statement

  • 9 years ago

    Well, you've answered that one for your self, love.

  • Dude
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    y are u asking us? u have all the data right there

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