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Signs of impending labor?!?

So i am going to be 35 weeks pregnant friday.This is my 2nd child I have been to the dr multiple time in the last month and a half for contractions. So last week on tuesday I had a appt. I was effaced 45% 50% ish dilated to 0 and soft then last week on friday only 3 days since my last appt I was effaced to almost 60% and I was about 3/4th dilated to 1. I had a negative fetal fibronectin test but she still was slightly concerned that I changed what i did in 3 days.

The last few days I been feeling OFF multiple weird symptoms that i dont know are completely related or if they are indicating anything.

last 4 days I have been



lose stools (Big difference then my normal)

contractions that dont get better when i change position. if ne thing i get them worse when i change positions or even just walking around or even laying on left side like they told me to do

strange pulsating feeling between my legs

hurts to spread my legs at all feels like I am ripping in half down there

Dull constant back pain


not want to eat worth anything.

making sure to eat and drink tons of water but shakey spinning jumpy feeling.

I know these are a bunch of weird things I just am looking for people opinions on if these are signs she is going to come soon regardless of negative fetal fibronectin test. I have a dr appt tmr I just want to get people opinion and experiences on these weird stuff before my appt tmr late afternoon.


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    You are in early labor. Keep in mind early labor can last for several days. Those are ALL the signs of your body preparing for labor. Sounds like the baby's head has engaged. Once you get past 36 weeks they generally won't stop your labor. The negative fetal fibro test don't always mean you won't go in labor. I wouldn't put any faith into it. If you get any more uncomfortable , then what you have been, you may want to call the ob nurse tonight and see what she recommends. Good Luck, your almost there!!!

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    To me personally (regardless of that negative fetal fib test) it sounds like you are in early labor. I'm glad you have an appointment tomorrow. I would bring this list of symptoms with you so you don't forget to mention anything. I'm betting you're progressing nicely, and hopefully your doctor can do something to make you more comfortable. Good luck to you and the little one.

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