I ate Basa Fish and got sick?

I bought Basa fish filletts at Countdown for a cheap price, It looked healthy and great. I used my winning batter recipe and cooked it. It tasted like dam fish. My whole family disliked it. I got very ill that night. Wanted to vormet, but could not. Had heavy cramps and a running tummy. I had a terrible fever and body aches for the rest of the next day. I was unable to work, so lost a lot of money. What do I have to do now? How do I go to Countdown to tell them.

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    1 decade ago
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    I think we are about to see the end of that cheap stuff as it comes from the Mekong River in Thailand and one of the most polluted.

    I have had some also before I read the write up about it and thought it tasted particularly nice. I had just steamed and salted the fillet I had bought.

    I would suggest you contact Countdown and see what the manager at your branch has to say.

    The article was in the Dscene a Dunedin paper try wilma@dscene.co.nz for more detail or a copy of the article perhaps.

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