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What does dudley mean?

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i was wondering does a dudley mean when referring to dogs.
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Dudley refers to nose color. A dudley nose is pinkish or pink/brown.

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  • TritanBear answered 5 years ago
    I am actually a very proud owner of a Dudley. It usually occurs when a chocolate Lab is bred with a yellow Lab resulting in a yellow Lab with no black pigmentation around the eyes. mouth and nose. So more or less the color around the eyes, and mouth and the nose color is not black but a tan pink.
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  • Kaper answered 5 years ago
    "A Dudley Lab is a Labrador retriever that lacks pigmentation on the eyes, eye rims, muzzle, and nose.

    This is a genetic trait that is very rare and affects only the yellow Labrador retrievers.

    This trait can't be considered as an abnormality of the genes.

    Usually yellow Labs have black pigmentation on those areas while Dudley Labs don't"

    A yellow lab may have a light nose, snow nose, and not be a dudley. Dudley refers to the lack of pigmentation of more than just the nose, including the gum tissue and eye rims. If it does not lack pigmentation, the dog is not dudley.

    Here is a good page

    Better article with pic
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  • Charlie answered 5 years ago
    A Dudley is a type of Labrador Retriever.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    When the nose is a brown/red colour.

    It was also the name of the dog in Wacky Races ^_^
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  • marci knows best answered 5 years ago
    It is a color pattern that occurs in Labs
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  • what does dudley mean?
    i was wondering does a dudley mean when referring to dogs.
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