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Can I get rid of my roommate's cats?

Here is my situation. I live in a 3 bedroom house with two other guys. One of the guys has two cats who continue urinate and defaecate all over the carpet. Furthermore, he is never home to take care of his cats and when he is he usually fills their food dish and leaves. On more than one occasion have I let them out, cleaned their cat box, filled their food dish and water dish etc. It it also myself and my other roommate who deal with the cat urine and excrement on a daily basis. We plan on giving him 72 hours to get rid of the cats because we are sick of their behavior and they aren't even allowed to be here because of the conditions of our lease. My question is this, if he refuses to get rid of his cats in 72 hours, then I am going to take them to a shelter somewhere to be rid of them. Can I face legal ramifications because of this?


I would like everyone to know that I would only take them to a no kill, humane society shelter.

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    how about you move out? If you do anything to his cats, you are going to have a problem on your hands because you are never going to be able to trust that anything of yours in that house is going to be safe. The food you eat, the clothes in your closet, anything.

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    They are HIS cats, so yes you can face legal ramifications for this. They are his property. It's just the same as you throwing out/giving away/selling his TV or something (except for the fact that these are living, breathing creatures, of course). You would be in the wrong legally for that, and the same goes for this, even if you take the cats to a shelter.

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    Dont do anything, the cat has done nothing wrong, yes your annoyed but in the end the cat is going to end up homeless and the guy probably wouldnt care less, and even if he did, the cats would be worse off when it was his responsibility. They need to be taken to a vet.

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    This is HIS PROBLEM NOT the cats...

    the cats won't go on carpet if their litter box is clean... or they have no health issues.

    find out where his mom/ dad/ sister lives and take them to them.

    if you take them to the pound ..they will be killed!

    how would YOU feel if someone did this to your dog???

    sit him down and talk to him about being a responsible pet owner... or see if he can take the pets home.

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    Yes he could sue you, wether he would win or not I dont know. PLEASE PLEASE be humane when you take them from him though. It is heartbreaking when people just dump cats in the streets. Make sure the shelter is a no kill shelter too.

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