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Where is the coldest and warmest place in New Zealand?

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    Nelson and Blenheim/Marlborough would be the warmest of places, as they have alot of sunshine hours.

    Turanga also follows. New Zealand's sunniest places lie in sheltered spots at the northern tips of both islands. Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay also get lots. They get 2350+ hours.

    The highest temperature ever recorded in New Zealand was 42°C, in Marlborough, Christchurch, and Rangiora (in Canterbury).

    Invercargil and Dunedin would be amoung the colest places with the least amount sunshine hours.

    The least sunny places lie in the far south and on the west coast. ALong the west coast that is places like Greymouth.

    The lowest temperature ever recorded in New Zealand was —22°C at Ophir, Central Otago.

    Wangarei is considered the warmest city in New Zealand

    Hastings is hottest place in summer with a 26 C as a average and It is not uncommon for the temperature to be over 30°C

    The sunniest place in New Zealand is Nelson.

    But if you look at the picture here: with the mean annual temperture Northland has the highest annual temperture so i will stick with Wangarei being the warmest place, plus nearby towns.

    Ok nvm just found this: Boasting the warmest place in New Zealand, Kawerau regularly tops the summer daily maximum with an average reported temperature of 28.3’ C. Beating out Wangarei. so i guess Kawerau is the warmest town, Wangarei is the warmest city.

    I'm sure about coldest, but Ophir has that record so it surely must be a colder place, pretty much any towns near the Southern alps or at the bottom of the South Island like Invercargil will be the colder places.

    There are just so many place's in NZ it's hard to say the warmest and coldest place.

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    If you mean on average, Kaitaia and Russell would be among the warmest places in New Zealand.

    Things tend to be chilliest all year round in the mountains around Dunedin, and above Sawyers Bay, on Mount Cargill. I'm not saying nowhere gets any colder, but Mount Cargill stays consistently at about 8 Celsius or less even in summer. The glaciers, obviously, are also among the coldest places in New Zealand, e.g. Franz Josef Glacier.

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    Depends on the part of NZ you're in, but the majority of NZ is warmer than scotland if you look at climate stats. Far north is the warmest.

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