In Art, what do u mean by subject, form and content (components of Art)? And how do u determine them?

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    Subject: What is the painting (or other art form) of. For instance a vase of flowers.

    Form: How is this expressed, in the example above, it is a painting. But you would always try to say more about how this medium is expressed. So is it painted realistically, abstractly, in an expressionistic manner? You would try to describe as much as you can how the artist has done what they have done.

    Content: What is the artist trying to say? If the painting is abstract, maybe a exercise in colour and line, if realistic, perhaps a meditation on the transience of life, if expressionist, maybe a reaction to natures abundant joy when compared to the painters mental state. Of course those means of producing art are not limited to those ends, as a realist painter might also be making a painting about colour, or psychological states, or mix and match any of the above out comes and means of production, and mix in any you can think of... all valid

    Perhaps you could think of this as; What, How and Why? The problem is, rather than being interchangeable or mutually exclusive, these three terms bleed into each other and overlap in their usefulness.

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    This is a very good question. I studied this in University, and the answer seems to be that all art forms are subjective. There is no art form that has an inherent beauty or superiority to it as some might believe. There are certain people who have the cultural capital to define what is art (e.g. gallery owners, artists, critics) in any era. However, what is considered art (and what is high art) can change with time as cultural tastes change. Jazz is a good example; it was originally music for an oppressed people, then it became popular music, and now it's listened to by mostly upper middle class people with refined tastes. Over time Jazz music has changed it's meaning by the way it's perceived and who listens to Jazz. I don't know if you are familiar with the artist Marcel Duchamp, but his most famous work was a urinal which came off an assembly line. He signed it, and it was placed in a gallery, and therefore a urinal became art. Andy Warhol was also able to redefine what is art by turning pop culture images into high art. In short, art is subjective, and is defined as "art" by those who have the cultural capital to define what is art at any point in time. I could go further with this subject, but I might risk boring you. Great question though. ADDED: I see you're a fan of le Tour de France as well. I like that. :)

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    In Art, what do u mean by subject, form and content (components of Art)? And how do u determine them?

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    subject is what the work of art is about; sometimes the title is a clue. form is the way of expression, the sort of art; like painting, sculpture, music et cetera. content is the story the work of art is telling, so that's broader than subject. I think the relation between form and content is most interesting. for most content a certain form seems obvious, but then it gets exciting to use another one. for example: if you want to make art about violence, you might take a picture that looks very harmless (nice colors, friendly people) but actually it's a picture of someone getting killed. the unusual presentation makes it more powerful and the message might be that violence is everywhere even where you least expect it. in this case subject is violence, form is photography, content is unexpected presence of violence.

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