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How to make a really cheap horse arena 40m x 25m?

We are in chch nz, and are looking to make arena for my irish sporthorse to use .We are on a very tight budget.


My horse is rising 3yr old Irish gelding

so I need a secure fence incase he decides to go sideways or refused to turn etc.

He's a giant baby!

Also we want to put a base down ontop of the grass to make it easier on his tendons/legs etc

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    For the footing:

    you can get rubber really cheap. it is usually shredded tires or shoes and is mixed with sand or stonedust.

    For the fence:

    Electric fence is cheap but not solid. If you do go with electric, use electric tape mounted on wooden posts like this [

    A solid fence is going to cost more but a plain wooden fence is the cheapest type of solid fence to install. you could also just buy a bunch of those portable fencing panels. depending on how you install them they could be fairly solid.

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    It depends where you live. Also my grandpa always said there is no such thing as a free puppy. What he meant by that is Cheep can cost you alot in the long run. A cheep horse can have health and behaivor problems that could cost you several times what buying a more expensive horse would. Besides the cost of buying a horse you must realixe that keeping a horse can be very expensive. Vet bills, Food, Grooming, Equipment, and Housing can run into the Thousands of Dollars. I know you want a horse now, but a couple hundred dollars just isn't enough. And I do know how you feel, I was once a 9 year old girl longing for a horse. You might look into a horse camp, or a Vacation on horseback. Maybe even lessons. That way you can enjoy horses untill you can afford one. Keep saving, and Good Luck.

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    Wide electric ribbon tape with either T posts with protective caps or step in posts, a battery pack charger and some ground rods and you are good to go. And it pulls up and moves to a new location. Horses rarely have an issue inside the tape because they know exactly how far it is from their body. If you want to be sure to not hit it while mounted, unplug the power while you ride.

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    cheap horse arena 40m 25m

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    cheapest way to do it is go to your local hardware store and get fence panels.

    if you have a tractor supply, use them because they will have the right panels.

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