Thick Acrylic Socks - Warm but Stinky!?

During the summer I wear mostly thin socks at work with my dress shoes – socks that are at least 60% cotton. At the end of the day they smell on the order of 5-6/10, and are only damp. No problems.

During the cold months, it’s a different cae. Obviously I wear very thick socks during winter, and there are many choices and combinations of materials available – 40 – 80% cotton, etc. For some reason, I really like the feel of socks that are at least half wool and/or acrylic. “Gold Toe” are my favorite brand: very soft, very comfortable, and yes, very very warm!

I wear them primarily in slip-on shoes – with no laces and thus no tongues, eye-holes, or other sources of intentional or unintended ventilation – on them. After a day at work in these shoes, to say that my socks smell and are hot and moist is an understatement. Upon taking my shoes off, the bottoms of my acrylic socks are drenched – make that saturated – with sweat! And the smell is pungent, as bad, if not worse, than the spray from a skunk! I’m talking on the order of 10 to 11/10!

I could wear thick socks in winter that are only 20 – 40% synthetic(acrylic, crylon). They would smell a whole lot less while absorbing the sweat from my feet, but they are not as soft and flexible when I walk.

So I ask, WHY do acrylic socks, by far the most comfy I’ve ever worn, make my feet smell so bad? And should I just stop wearing them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Acrylic is plastic from oil and won't breath. They trap sweat (release of body fluids) and hence, odor.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I discovered Wigwam brand American made socks a couple years after posting this question. Thick, very comfortable, come in black or white. The blacks are 90% cotton while the whites are 98%. Minimal odor even when they are saturated with sweat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Acrylic socks do not absorb. If you are trying to keep the funk will want to wear 100% cotton socks.

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