Are Turks "arabs" or....?



Gugu, that's mean and unnecessary.

Update 2:

I've got to be kidding you? Is this the way you treat a questioner in good faith on Yahoo Answers- questions should be encouraged, not discouraged by denigrating remarks. Grow up and get with the program- plenty of well-meaning people think Turks are Arabs. If you continue to denigrate questioners, you're liable to get reported by the nastier kind. Watch out.

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    No we aren't. As you also called us, we are Turks.

    Here is a brief history of Turkish people :

    The first historical references to the Turks appear in Chinese records of about 2000 B.C. These records refer to tribes called the Hsiung-nu, an early form of the Western term Hun, who lived in an area bounded by the Altai Mountains, Lake Baikal, and the northern edge of the Gobi Desert and are believed to have been the ancestors of the Turks. Specific references in Chinese sources in the sixth century A.D. identify the tribal kingdom called Tu-Küe located on the Orkhon River south of Lake Baikal. The Khans (chiefs) of this tribe accepted the nominal suzerainty of the Tang dynasty. The earliest known example of writing in a Turkic language was found in that area and can be dated from about A.D. 730.

    Other Turkish nomads from the Altai region founded the Göktürk Empire, a confederation of tribes under a dynasty of Khans whose influence extended during the sixth to eighth centuries from the Aral Sea to the Hindu Kush in the land bridge known as Transoxania, i.e., across the Oxus River. The Göktürks are known to have been enlisted by a Byzantine emperor in the seventh century as allies against the Sassanians. In the eighth century some Turkish tribes, among them the Oguz, moved south of the Oxus River, while others migrated west to the northern shore of the Black Sea.

    Turks came into Asia Minor in 1071 AD after the victory of Malazgirt War by the Seljuks.

    Although nowaday some Turks are mixed with some other ethnicities who were ruled by Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years which include, Bosnian, Circassian, Greek, Laz, Albanian, Armenian, Syrian, Kurd etc , there are a lot of pure blood ones, as well.

    We don't consider Turkishness as an ethnicity matter but a national matter. Therefore, whomever considers himself/herself a Turk, then he/she is one.

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    Are Turks Arabs

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    Actually turks really dont hate anyone and they r not a racist people. The thing is turks are a people, they can never forget what happened and everybody knows what happened at the last stage of the ottomans. the arabs sided with the brits, thinking the brits will give them independence but what happened? they suffered such consequences the arabs never suffered during ottoman rule. i cant say they hate arabs. indeed, you will always see turks protesting against israel and siding with the palestinians. even many arab nations today dont protest, or as a matter of fact do anything. i can easily say, turks are more concerned about the palestinian issue than the arabs themselves. its not really about hate but its more about, ''we were betrayed''.

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    Yes turks most definitely ARE arabs.

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    Nope Turks are Turks and Arabs are Arabs

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    There are ethnic Arab Turks, but they are few in number and generally they live in the South/Southeastern regions, where Turkey has borders with Arabic nations.

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    you've got to be kidding me! Turks are completely different from Arabs. We may share a slightly similar culture but we share that with Greeks, Italians, mediteraneans also. We could probably talk about this for hours on end, the nature of this subject is controversial.

    Don't confuse Muslims with Arabs, there are all sorts of Muslims (it's a religion, not a race) - white, black, Asian, and even Arabs.

    Wikipedia: gene flow from Central Asia has contributed to the current gene pool of the Turkish people, and the role of the 11th century invasion by Turkic peoples, has been the subject of several studies. These studies conclude that local Anatolian groups are the primary source of the present-day Turkish population. DNA results suggests the lack of strong genetic relationship between the Mongols and the Turks despite the historical relationship of their languages

    Analysis suggested that, genetically, Anatolians are more closely related also with the Balkanian populations than to the Central Asian populations.

    "During the 3rd century BCE to the 2nd century CE 89% of proto-Mongol sequences can be classified as belonging to an Asian haplogroups and nearly 11% belong to European haplogroups"

    "The researchers found that interbreeding between Europeans and Asians occurred much earlier than previously thought."

    Source(s): My parents were born in Turkey and even they they are not 100% ethnically Turkish, they consider themselves proud Turkish citizens.
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    well they dont speak arabic, they speack turkish

    so they r turks

    arabs r ppl from an arab country where they speak arabic

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    people form turkey

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    No. It's time you realize the term "Muslim" does not denote one single race.

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