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At what age do children in the USA start going to school?

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    Children need to be five to start kindergarten, but the date they need to be five differs by state (and in some cases by school district). Here are cutoff dates.

    Alabama - September 1

    Alaska - August 15

    Arizona - September 1

    Arkansas - September 15

    California - December 2

    Colorado - Local Option

    Connecticut - January 1

    Delaware - August 31

    Florida - September 1

    Georgia - September 1

    Hawaii - August 1

    Idaho - September 1

    Illinois - September 1

    Indiana - July 1

    Iowa - September 15

    Kansas - August 31

    Kentucky - October 1

    Louisiana - September 30

    Maine - October 15

    Maryland - September 1

    Massachusetts - Local Option

    Michigan - December 1

    Minnesota - September 1

    Mississippi - September 1

    Missouri - August 1*

    Montana - September 10

    Nebraska - October 15

    Nevada - September 30

    New Hampshire - Local Option

    New Jersey - Local Option

    New Mexico - September 1

    New York - Local Option

    North Carolina - October 16

    North Dakota - September 1

    Ohio - September 30 **

    Oklahoma - September 1

    Oregon - September 1

    Pennsylvania - Local Option

    Rhode Island - September 1

    South Carolina - September 1

    South Dakota - September 1

    Tennessee - September 30

    Texas - September 1

    Utah - September 2

    Vermont - January 1

    Virginia - September 30

    Washington - August 31

    West Virginia - September 1

    Wisconsin - September 1

    Wyoming - September 15

    District of Columbia - December 31

    *Metropolitan school districts in Missouri may establish a cut-off date

    between August 1 and October 1.

    **Ohio districts may choose a cut-off date of September 30 or August 1.

    Source(s): I am a school district administrator who deals with young children starting school.
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    You have a few different answers. Here's mine: it depends on what state your asking about? I live in WA. state and a child entering kindergarten must be 5 years of age before August 31. If he turns 5 on September 3 sorry he will have to wait until next year to start. However if you feel your child is ready for kindergarten you can go before the school board and ask and than it is up to them. WA. state is changing the kindergarten classes from 1/2 day to full day. The change has already taken place in lots of cities. How do you feel about that change going from 3 1/2 hours to over 6 hours a day? I think it is to long of a day for a 5 to 6 year olds. Hmm I hope I have helped you on your search for answers.

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    They can start preschool anywhere from age 2-4, if their parents want to send them. Kindergarten is the first year of formal education. It's compulsory in some states and not compulsory in others; however, it is offered for free in all states (unlike preschool which you have to pay for) and I've never really heard of anyone who didn't go to kindergarten. And kindergarten starts at age five. A child definitely MUST be in school by age six. And typically six year olds start 1st grade. But again, pretty much everyone goes to kindergarten before that.

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    Voluntary pre-k is available for 4 yr olds and at 5 the start kindergarten. School in Orange county starts about the second week in August and ends in the end of May. The kids get 2 wks during Christmas and a week in March for spring break. Plus there are Student holidays and other days off. If you contact the county school board they can give you a calender. Good luck!!

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    Kids do not have to go to school until they are 7. I would recommend that they start kindergarten and 5 or 6. Kindergarten has really changed, and preschool is like kindergarten when I was little. They need to be a little older to be able to handle the level of sitting and work they have to do.

    Source(s): I'm a teacher
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    Kindergarten. Those would be 5 year olds. Some go to preschool first, usually at the age of 4.

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    Kindergarten in California is 5 by December 2.

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  • Hannah
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    They can start Pre-K at the age of four or five, but that year is just optional. Kindergarten is the first required year of school, which children start at the age of five or six.

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    I mean I m from England so we start school at 4. I ve been in school for ten years lel and I m year 10 which translates to american grade 9?? But I ve heard u start at 5-6 in America I m not sure sorry probs shouldn t of answered this haha. XD

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    In my family, children start school around the age of 4 years old.

    However, there are 'Mother and Me' type classes that I took with my mom when I was around the age of 2 or 3.

    The 'Mother and Me' classes were really not much more than simple arts and crafts along with really small amounts of actual education.

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