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how to cure stomach acid/heartburn?

after eating /drinking,results with itchy cough,heart burn

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    Tums... Drink some milk... Eat some bread, no butter, just plain bread...

    Hum... What else?

    When I get REALLY bad acid reflux I take a half a teaspoon of Baking Soda and mix it with at LEAST 2 cups of water and drink that down... It will make you burp but it will neutralize the acid that has started to burn your throat.

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    A natural way, hmm, I would have to know what's causing your upset stomach. Is it after you eat, or just of feeling that makes your stomach upset & you lose your appetite? Maybe a little honey or peanut butter. Or if it's the latter, try listening to some upbeat music you like to get your mind off of whatever has you upset. Hope your stomach ails relax! Oh yes, as noted above, I have heard that peppermint does work. Doesn't Pepto have a peppermint taste? Maybe it has that in it along with the Milk of Mag stuff. Prob just a li'l glass of milk would do ya, too. Maybe it's something you eat that you need to avoid. Pinpoint what triggers it. And the above mentioned slip my mind: Saltine Crackers & fizzy water or ale like Ginger Ale or 7up or plain seltzer water -sparkling water stuff.

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    I hope this helps. A lot of problems come from how/what we eat and combine our foods together. Let me explain.

    It was the first time I cooked dinner for my then-boyfriend. I didn’t know it back then, but my own cure began with a question from this man who would later become my husband(Mike)

    Shortly after we met, I made dinner for him and he asked if it would be alright if he didn't eat one of the foods I had prepared. He said it all looked wonderful, but that the combination would give him a stomach ache. I didn't know what he meant, since nothing was fried and no hot spices were used.

    It was then that he asked me the question that literally changed my life forever!

    Mike asked me, “Have you heard of food combining?”

    My immediate answer was "no" I hadn't heard of it. Even though it wasn't anything new, and had been endorsed by many health experts, peak performance experts and celebrities and more - I really had never heard of FOOD COMBINING.

    After hearing about how "mis-combining" leads to acidosis, acid-reflux, heartburn and a host of other digestive problems, I had my first "properly combined" meal...



    That’s right...

    NO cramps

    NO bloated stomach

    NO excessive gas

    NO ‘IBS’

    NO acid reflux

    NO constipation

    NO running to the bathroom

    NO horrendous pain

    Can you imagine how relieved I felt after all those years? If you have ever suffered any of these symptoms, even mildly, you will understand why I was wild with joy!

    Sherry Brescia

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    If you have acid reflux you shouldn't be drinking alcohol, and stimulants like coffee and tea. Especially when you are hungry. Avoid shellfish like mussels, oysters, clams and the like. Avoid over eating fatty foods and take small meals but frequent. Avoid milk and milk products because they contain lactic acid. Avoid high protein food like steak and eat more fiber and fruits like apple, pear and papaya.

    Avoid citrus fruits. If you are taking vitamin C, take sodium ascorbate not ascorbic acid. You can take over the counter antacids like Maalox, Tums, Novalicid, Peptodismol. If there would be stomach cramps as a result of hyperacidity you can take Buscopan.

    If symptom persist consult your doctor, it could be something else like gastroenteritis (inflammation of stomach). Your doctor can prescribe medicine to control acid secretion/ buildup. Take a lot of fluids. Coconut juice if available is very good because it is natural Alkaline Water. Soda water is also good.

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    Acid reflux can be helped by prescription medication but also by eating frequent small meals, not eating too fast, chewing food more, cutting down on stress, avoiding foods that you know cause the symptoms - you may have allergies to these foods or some ingredient in them - drinking water with your meal and taking sips between bites. Good luck.

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    Tums, or pepcid work great. Restricting diet is very important, since 90-95% of sufferers of heartburn or can link their symptoms to specific foods. Specifically, it has been shown that fatty foods and caffeinated beverages can cause the symptoms of heartburn.

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    Rolaids or Tums.. Or a teaspoon of vinegar tastes yucky but really does work. So does a bit of Baking Soda in a bit of water.

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    I drink some milk and try to stay in a sitting position, it gets worse if you lay down.

    If it gets bad, try Prilosec OTC, I haven't taken it but I have a friend that swears by it. Hope you feel better!

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    Tums! Avoid tomatoes, pickles and citrus son had really bad reflux til he changed his diet and started acid reducer over the counter stuff...fancy prescription version did nothing for him but works wonders for a coworker....

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