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How much does tooth composite/bonding cost?

I have a gap and peg laterals! Thanks

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    Direct bonding with composite done chairside by a dentist will run you anywhere between $150-750 a tooth depending on the dentists skill and qualifications.

    Porcelain veneers (indirect bonding) usually runs between $750-2000 a tooth.

    Direct bonding of composite to your peg laterals by a dentist takes a lot of time and skill and may not turn out to be as good as a natural looking porcelain veneer created by a laboratory and bonded to your tooth.

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    Composite Bonding Cost

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    Another issue you might consider addressing beyond cost is the concept of bio-compatibility. Find out what the composite is made from. Your dentist might not know, so ask to speak with the dental lab that makes them. You have a right to know what is being put in your mouth. Up until the mid-1980s composites were made using uranium as a colorant. Compared to other dental bureaucracies of the world, the US is lacking in accountability. Labs are pretty much left to their own devices and the multinational corporations that oversee them. Yeah free market economy! You can test for the best composite for you by googling Scientific Health Solutions. The scientific protocol they offer will allow you and your dentist to choose the best composite for you, one that will not undermine your health by subjecting your body to chemicals it cannot easily tolerate. Take responsibility for your own health.

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    The dentist probably was in experienced. I just recently had bonding done on a front tooth and less than 24 hours later it was peeling off. the establishment is very shady and they will not repair it but our giving me a refund. The dentist who did it told me he was skilled in bonding but he clearly was not-now i have to find someone who can fix his mess.

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    How much does tooth composite/bonding cost?

    I have a gap and peg laterals! Thanks

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