Does anyone know a girl named Nataliya Borisova that lives in Kiev Ukraine?

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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago
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    Although it is a common name in Ukraine, you appear to be asking because of email you recieved. Note the following sites about Nataliya Borisova:

    and this name appears on 100's more scam lists from Kyiv

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    I have also been contacted and at 1st I thought I was just chatting with a pen pal. Here is the biggest give away that it is a scam. Just start asking a lot of question and you will so find out that not one is answered. Then make a demand that she answer and again you find no answer. Then last letter I called her a bot and stated that if anyone is reading this that I know this is a scam. I got another letter explaining that she needs the money in 10 days. There wasn't anything in the letter about the accusation. She is a scam!!! She will hit you up for around $400.00, The 1st thing that should have tipped me off was that she said she was answering an ad I (never) placed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi David,

    Both first and last name of this girl are VERY common, and Kiev is not the smallest village in the world. :) Its population is close to 3 million, so I believe there are dozens of girls with this name there.

    Source(s): Originally from Ukraine
  • 1 decade ago

    A girl with this name did send me a email about three months ago, asking me for money. (for airfare, so she can meet me). really good one isn't it??

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