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GaryW asked in TravelUnited KingdomLondon · 1 decade ago

Can some1 tell me about london?

I wanna move there but i knew nufin about it.

10pts for the best info based on ur personal experience

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    I live in London (Fulham) London has everything you could want and need if you like lots of shops and bars and restaurants and historical attractions theaters and so on then London could be the place for you, but you need money to live the good life though as it is not cheap.

    House prices are high in many area's the better the area the higher the price and because of all the tourists and everything some areas will charge even more for certain things.

    The nice thing about London also is that it is not far to get away to some more quieter places like Richmond on Thames Hampton court etc just for a more greener scene in the summer it's very beautiful.

    On the downside there are some not very nice area's and some areas have very high crime rates to be honest I would stay away from SE London & East London area's as many parts are very run down and deprived, but having said that there are good and bad parts everywhere.

    It's just a case of coming and getting a feel for it and making up you're own mind. People either love it or hate it I love it.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's probably cheaper to stay in one of the Greater London boroughs, slightly less polluted and only about 15mins or less train journey from Central London (slightly cheaper rent too!). London is great, there's always a diverse crowd and you're never short of interesting places to go. You need to be prepared for high costs because of the tourist market but you'll soon find out where and where not to buy stuff! You should get an Oyster card because it gets you huge discounts on the buses and tubes. There's plenty of historical or simply interesting sites e.g. Covent Garden, Camden Market, The Clink, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square are both interesting and nice places to wander round.

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    As a student through to my late twenties I loved living in central London. Student accomodation, bedsits, shared houses: Moorgate, Kilburn, Islington... I cycled to work at Marble Arch.

    Everything you could want on tap, from parks to nightclubs.

    But somewhere around age 26,coming back from a walking holiday in Cornwall, I suddenly realised how crowded, noisy and dirty it all was. I moved to Cambridge and loved it, though I'm now in Cornwall, and loving that too.

    I enjoyed my time in London, but I think I've done my time in London. I wouldn't want to move back.

    If you're going to do London, it's really the centre that is the draw. Being miles out in the suburbs, for me, would have been neither one thing or the other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've only been there on vacation, but I LOVED it!!! There is a lot of history and nice people. I loved the weather, but you have to like rain. I also didn't care for their food... I lived on cheese fries and garlic bread. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dirty,overcrowded and crime ridden!....have lived there!

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