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I'm trying to connect my ds wi-fi through the my wireless internet. i have the game animal crossing and i got to the wifi configiration screen, i found my router on it when searching for an access point but its blocked, i think i need my wep key to change these settings, i have allready got my ip address and i put into the address bar but i still need a seccurity username and password, i dont know what the are i didnt think i had one for my wireless internet...please help me and put me out of my missery


my router is from sky broadband and ive tryed all of these but it still won't work =(

Update 2:

oh and its from a company called NETGEAR

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    You seem to be talking about the router login?


    username = admin

    password = password


    The Sky BB with the Netgear router log in is.........

    username = admin

    password = Sky

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    The first answers are good, but if they don't work try deleting anything in the password box so it is empty. That will work if nothing was originally input as a password.

    If all else fails you can reset your router and bring it back to the factory defaults by using a paperclip and inserting it into the small hole on the back of the router (it usually has "reset" printed in the plastic by the hole). Just press the wire in gently for about 10 seconds while the router is on. Then, unplug the router for a minute. Now power the router up again. You will have to re-enter the setup routine and reconfigure the router and security settings if you use this method, but it will eliminate the need for a password.

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  • 3 years ago

    The WEP secret's generally the two on the returned of the on the spot router or on some place of work work that got here with it or maybe the bx it got here in. it is presuming that's a equipment inclusive of BT, talk talk etc. whether that's a equipment and additionally you cant discover the WEP key, detect a technical help style for the ISP (information superhighway provider provider) or the provider of the field. in the experience that your pal has offered the field and set it up independently then ur screwed! properly no longer fairly yet solid success!

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    It depends on your make of wireless router, some common default passwords are:-

    Belkin - no password (leave blank)

    Buffalo - username: root password - no password (leave blank)

    dlink - username: Admin password - no password (leave blank)

    linksys - username: (leave blank) password - admin

    I strongly recommend you change your routers password and note it down somewhere safe. Have fun on Animal Crossing too :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you still have the drivers for your wireless router, or the instructions for it. you should find the default user name and password in there.... it's usually something like: user name: admin. and password: 1234 or 0000

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