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What is the average salary in New Zealand ?

Hello, I am Belgian and I would like to have some informations about salaries in New Zealand.

- Average salary ?

- Minimum wage ?


K Bear : I suppose you are talking of annual wage, right ?

And NZ$, not US$ ?

Update 2:

Thanks MissE

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    For a list of average salaries see or rates of pay here


    Legislators, Administrators & Managers $57,013

    Professionals $51,376

    Technicians & Associate Professionals $42,869

    Clerks $36,046

    Service & Sales Workers $26,561

    Agriculture & Fisheries Workers $29,474

    Trades Workers $35,173

    Plant & Machine Operators &Assemblers $32,198

    Unskilled Occupations $26,894

    More on Pay or Wage Rates -

    From 1 April 2008 the minimum wage is going up.

    for employees aged 16 years and over will rise to $12.00 an hour before tax, except for new entrants and employees subject to the minimum training wage. That’s $96 for an eight hour day, or $480 for a 40 hour week.

    From 1 April 2008, the training wage will rise to $9.60 an hour before tax. That’s $76.80 for an eight hour day, and $384 for a 40 hour week. The training wage applies to people doing recognised industry training involving at least 60 credits a year.

    More info on minimum wage see -

    If you wish to find out more about Working in NZ, go to


    Source(s): Edit - yes annual wages and is in $NZ
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  • MissE
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    1 decade ago

    Yes those are annual wages and in NZ$

    Also consider the differences between Belgian and NZ law.

    I'm not 100% sure on the Belgian rules but there are some significant differences.

    For instance 20 days leave per annum is minimum (this is up from 15 since April 07) Your holidays are paid through basically you save them up and that is your holiday pay on your days off No additional holiday pay. Also a 13th month is unheard of and sickleave is 5 days per annum

    Maternity leave is 6 weeks I believe (also relatively new, never had to use it so not 100% there) Working week tends to be 40 hours (plus)

    Houses are relatively expensive. Tax system however is incredibly simple and straightforward.

    All taxes, allowances etc are all in one big tax thing (PAYE) that is all the tax you pay if you are on salary. (well of course there is GST (Goods and Services Tax) but that is when you buy stuff.

    Source(s): Lived in NZ for 10 years Recently returned to Europe
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I don't know what the avg salary/wage is, but the amount you need to survive/enjoy life will differ between regions of New Zealand. $55k is probably what an unskilled worker who has been in the workforce 20 years would expect to be paid. Auckland has the highest cost of living, but wages are about the same here or only slightly more. In Auckland, $55k will be more than sufficient to support a single person, or a spouse if your partner is also working. You will be struggling to support a family on that amount in Auckland though, especially on a single income. Many people manage it though - I don't know how, but they obviously don't buy much or else they use credit. Just as an example. Say you wanted to rent a 3 bedroom modest house in a modest suburb, such as Henderson. Rent would be approx $450/week or $23,400/year. Rent is supposedly 1/3rd your income, so to live comfortably in a modest house in Auckland, you'd need $77,000/year. Say if you altered that to a modest house in a quality suburb, such as Kohimarama, then you'd need approx $650/week. If you were happy to live in a scummy house in a rough location, or rurally and adding commuting costs, then you could find something for the $300-350 mark. My advice is, if you can avoid living in Auckland or Wellington, then financially you will be better off elsewhere.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am pretty certain that the actual AVERAGE wage is around NZD20-25,000...which seems rather low but this is apparently what it is! I know this is around what I earned last year!

    Obviouslt it depends on what you do with professional workers getting much more and it also depends on the area that you work in.

    The minimum wage as pointed out, it quite low compared to other countries like us and the salary is also lower than in other devlopled countries. I know Australia has higher wages and is why many kiwis want to go and work there....I am considering it myself...same job, better pay!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    K Bear covered it very well and accurately.

    There are also employment contracts currently in NZ and many ensure there is no overtime extra pay depending on the Company. The company I work for pays the same rate if you work extra days or time or week-ends (not time and a half as they do in Australia I believe). However if you work on a public holiday you are entitled to time and a half and if you work on a statutory holiday you also get a day in lieu (a paid day off at some other time)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Average salaries are not going to help too much you should look on at jobs you could be interested in and migh get and see if you can find some that quote a salary. Unfortunately most don't publish but worth a browse around

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  • 1 decade ago

    the average salary for specific locations differs. But so does the cost of living.

    In Auckland you could expect the average salary to be higher than smaller towns. But on the flip side the cost of living is much higher in Auckland

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