who is alecymendezpku662?

I recived a text messagge from this person and it said I had a crush at www.ugotacrush.com.... What is this all about how did they get my name and number? Any help would be great thanks

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    My girlfriend also started receiving these messages a few days ago. T-Mobile offered little or no help other than saying that they were receiving a lot of such calls and that if she did not read the received messages, but deleted them, she would not be charged for them. Not sure if this is correct, but we will hold them to that claim.

    We also filed an FCC complaint. If anyone hears anything more on this matter please post here.

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    DUDE!!! I just got another one of this F#@$%^ msgs!!! this is the 8th one that i received in the past 3 days. We are calling Tmobile right now to have them block "www.ugotacrush.com" from our phones.

    UPDATE 21:07 PST

    I called the number tha jonathan posted and I entered my number there so we will see.

    UPDATE #2 211:16 hrs

    After talking to Tmobile tech services, we were able to find some type of solution:

    Since all these msgs are send out via HTTP, they are technically emails and do not qualify for the do not call list. So the solution is to set up your email through the T-mobile site and then go to Communications tools then select on the right had side the “create email filter” after you select that, go to create filter and here is how I did mine:

    If the FROM field contains live.com then do not send to handset and do not forward

    The only problem is that if you use a lot this feature and you have friends with live accounts, they will be blocked.


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    I called Verizon (my carrier) and they are aware of the problem as of 12 oclock eastern time. They are working on it and assure me that I will not be billed for any charges that may be incurred by these texts. I would recommend whatever you do, do NOT respond to the text messages (looks like you might incur a $6 per text fee if you start that nonsense). I don't know about that 1-800 number people are mentioning - since it's just a beep and you're supposed to give your number I am a bit leery - I am choosing to let the megacorporation Verizon take care of business. We'll see. Good luck everyone.

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    TMobile is the WORST! I have a family plan and once my last phone contract is up, (1Month) I am changing services.

    My husbands line gets spam messages all the time, from phone numbers as well as email addresses. This new one with the ugotacrush. is super annoying. I've tried the filter, but it's a hassle because spammers are always a step ahead, so they find ways around the filters.

    TMobile does not let you block all text messages as some carriers do claiming that you must have text messages because that's how they communicate with their customers.

    Well I'm no idiot. They make us have it because they get money in their pocket! That is the bottom line.

    If they wanted they could create a program that blocked all text messages besides theirs.

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    Ok. Glad to see I am not the only one. I want to ask everyone here who has been gettin these messages, if they recently gave someone their number. I met a girl at a bar on wednesday, now since then I have been receiving these texts. My mother's phone is one number digit different then mine, and she is getting them as well. This all started a couple days ago. So I ask, has anyone recently givin there number to a stranger at a bar? Because that seems like a good scam to get our numbers. Watch out people! Be Safe. I hope this is just a general scam, cause the girl was hot.

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    this is unbelievable...all of this has started since LAST NIGHT! My whole family has been bombarded by these - i've gotten six since 12 eastern. I think the best thing to do in this situation is

    1) make sure you're on the www.donotcall.gov list

    2) file a complaint with the FCC www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html

    3) contact your carrier and disable txts from websites and emails. Honestly the only txts should come from other cell phones so this shouldn't be a big deal.

    If we all complain then hopefully we can rub out this and other scummy "businesses" like it!

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    OH MY GOD!!!!It all started yesterday with me 3-7-08.

    The UGOTACRUSH.COM sent from various fake emails

    ending in @live.com.................I was furious and came home did the google on the site and discovered I wasn't alone!

    So I got a hold of verizon and these people are loosing their minds trying to stop this!II was told to go to vtext.com

    and block all texts from websites and emails....

    Then as I am hanging up I get another text telling me to contact 1-800-235-7105 to end the texts ,included was a 9.95 charge next to number.The VZW operator told me do not Reply or call any of these numbers! as it is a scam and will only open another can of worms!

    I smell a Huge Lawsuit brewing for this nasty spammer company!

    Let's get this going people!

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    I've gotten 4 today so far. The short code "75557" does not work, so no use trying. I emailed their customer service, but I got a canned response.

    I just submitted a complaint to both T-Mobile and the Attorney General for Ohio (my state). My next visits will be to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

    Is everyone here on T-Mobile? I wonder if this is limited to their customers?

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    I received 3 or 4 of these text messages today (for the first time) from "ugotacrush.com".. I went to the 'National Do Not Call Registry' and registered, hopefully this will take care of the problem.


    It's companies like this that the public should have a right to run straight into the ground.

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    I've gotten several of these today, and I've found a solution to the problem if you've got Verizon Wireless. Go to www.vtext.com and either sign-in or register and then sign-in. Once you're signed in, there should be a button on the left menu called "Preferences". Click that button and select "Text Blocking" from the drop down menu. There you can the domain names you wish to block text messages from and that should solve the problem. Then what you need to do is dial *611 and let Verizon Customer service know about the text messages you've received so you can get a credit for them. The customer service rep I spoke to gave me a $1 per message. =) Hopefully this helps!

    Source(s): Verizon Customer Service
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