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Would you encourage recycling at work?

How far do you think it is acceptable to point out waste in work? This hospital does not recycle the aluminium cans in the canteen for instance and has no intentions to do so.


So far they have said it would be too messy and they think people would use it for other waste and no one will then empty it.

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    Yes. Everyone should make a reasonable effort to be as 'green' as they can. Every bit helps. If work places did more it may even encourage it's workforce to do more at home. I think it's fine to point out areas where your workplace could improve as long as the ideas are reasonable and practical lets face it in this day and age everyone should be recycling everything possible.

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    I go to a private skl with huge fees but they said recycling was too expensive. The classes complained for years and after a new teacher took on getting recycling as a personal project she found that the council will actually pay to take away recycling. Our skl recycling bins now fill up quick and the skl gains money in the process. Maybe this is an idea for the hospital?

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    It will be nice if recycle is free! That would help a lot. We already paid for our trash pick up monthly frankly, paying for an extra $10 or $11 a month aside from the regular trash payment of $40 ( regular trash and grass trash plus they charge for 2 carts!~) is just too much! Maybe if they can come up with free recycling more people will participate without worrying the hassle of sorting out. How about that government? instead of paying millions of dollars in the landfill full of none biodegradable stuff. Start making a law for the refuse services to provide recycle carts without extra cost!Wouldn't it help everybody in the world? It's not like we don't pay them enough!

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    writing a letter is a great way to start...I'm actually glad i stumbled on to this question because i have been trying to figure out how to do the same thing in my work place, i work fast food and it truly disgusts me about all the stuff we waste and throw away, we get deliveries at least three times a week and 95% of what we get is delivered in cardboard boxes which are broke down and thrown in the dumpster...we throw away over 30lbs of food each night and dont do anything with our plastic or paper products at all once they are used up...i have talked to my boss and managers about this and they really have no answer as to why we dont not sure if writing a letter will be enough but im gonna try!

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    Anything that can be reused, or recycled, should be, instead of adding to an all ready polluted environment. There are many groups, looking for donations of recyclable articles, like, papers, phone books, cans, plastics, batteries, etc. Maybe if you call around the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, local schools, or even shelters would be glad to have them. They may even place a box and come to collect them.

    Source(s): Refuse Control Officer, and Girl Scouts Cookie Hawking Mom
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    Yes, they should be recyclers, if they refuse to do so, write a letter in the local newspaper, put some pressure on them. The Walmart store i worked at never recycled until they got blamed for not being green.

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    I think thats really bad. It wouldnt take a lot to recycle cans. Just a bin in the canteen and people would use it. Whats the excuse?

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    Yes - keep on nagging at the manager to get the recycling in place - large organisations should set an example - especially publically owned ones like hospitals - get someone to write a letter to the hospital mangement to say how disgusted you are that they don't recycle.

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    Although in NYC most offices have individual blue recycle buckets, the cleaning staff dumps all trash in the same large plastic bag to be put out for the dump.

    I specifically asked if anyone sorts it later (re: removing said banana peels).

    You don't want to hear the answer I got.

    Bring your own lunch, and use the printing paper more than once.

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    Recycling: The biggest waste of time on earth.


    1) More trees today than in 1920

    2) 85% of all trees used in pulp in paper are grown on tree farms.

    3) The sludge/bleach left over from treating recycled paper causes pollution and it takes more energy to recycle paper then to make it from scratch.


    1) Uses more energy to recycle then to replace.


    1) United States total area: 3,537,441 square miles.

    2) If you took 35 square miles of that and piled garbage 1500 feet high, it would take the United State 1000 YEARS to fill up that landfill.

    In conclusion....

    - Over a billion is spent every year on recycling programs

    - That money could be spent on something useful like reducing our dependence on oil and coal burning power.

    So save the environment! Throw out your paper and glass (and sell your cans, they're worth money!)

    Source(s): Penn and Tellers BS: Season 2 Episode 5 - Recycling
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