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Pinky toe swollen and sore?

So yesterday I noticed that my pinky toe was kind of sore and I looked at it and it was really quite noticeably swollen. It's not broken or anything cause I haven't banged it or anything like that. I'm guessing it's because I wear Pumas which everyone knows are kind of tight and narrow and I didn't get them THAT long ago, plus I'm a cashier at a grocery store so I stand a lot. But still, what exactly is causing it to swell and be so painful?

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    It is probably just irritated from the pumas and also standing on your feet a lot. You should soak it in Epsom salt and let it rest for little while. If the swelling doesn't go down in the next day I would see a doctor. I hope nothing bit you on your toe, it could be an allergic reaction from a bite. Take care of yourself!

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    If you can tape it and can stand some pain,take some motrin too! You will be OK! otherwise, wait it out until it heals!

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