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    No, that's absolutely untrue. There's no way {boobs} a guy can think about sex every thirty seconds and still get anything {butts} done.

    Seriously, I'm sick of these {legs} stereotypes. It really doesn't help relations between the sexes {sex} if this kind of nonsense is going around. In all honesty, I think most men are capable {lesbians} of focusing their attentions on things for more than 30 seconds! {SportsCenter}

  • test have shown that in some extreme cases every 1 or 2 seconds

    then again the rest of the male populous rarely think ab

    out sex unless a that thought was inserted a love ones suggestion or a co worker that they are keen on teases them

    but to answer you Question yes MOST men do think about sex every 30 seconds

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    hi His Angel..............i think of of that's extremely an engaging component. First, i'm hoping you on the prompt at the instant are not mendacity or making this component up! You had typed that 'it extremely isn't a comedian tale' and 'i'm not kidding'. yet mutually as this extremely is real, bypass over, you will choose to bypass to the scientific docs or somebody in fee of sexual habit. I had purely grew to grow to be 30, yet i've got have been given had an astonishing intercourse time a pair years in the previous! yet that replaced into with definitely one million particular guy. Definately did now stay awake around with unusual boys / person men just to get off! you're definitely 21 and you although have a existence-time past to you as long as you do not cut back it short! various of person men could purely choose to sleep around with different women people people. it extremely is there determination. with somewhat of luck you atleast had condoms with you, or made useful the countless guy or woman had some kind of hazard-loose practices or transport-administration! would not choose something undesirable to ensue to you like definitely catching AIDS or some kind of STD! on social gathering Obsessions are an enormously undesirable component. Like I had typed earlier, PLEASE GET some kind of help! good fulfillment & GOD BLESS

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    Gosh. 30 seconds between sex thoughts. That's a long time! Yes, we think about it a lot.

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    No, not every 30 sec, but every nano second=1/9 of a second.

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    no totally false, we think about sex every 10 seconds the 30 seconds is how long we think about it

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    real man dont think of sex every 30 second just dogs do

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    NO!!!!! They think about little white puppy dogs and cotton candy and all those fun things in life.... Of course they do, I think that it is probably more than every 30 seconds.........

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    how many boyfriends have you had, girl? You know off course that, that is not true. it all depends on the upbringing.... family, school, friends, neighborhood....and most of all the individual itself. but one things for sure, when we think about sex, you wouldnt even think of disturbing us.

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    that's an average. sometimes we think about sex for hours in a row, and other times we think about other stupid **** for hours in a row.

    Sometimes sex pops into our heads...

    and every 7 days we think about our job (also an average)

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