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    Why are they named female and male threads?

    Has this really something to do with sex? Handymen having sex in mind when doing their woirk or not? 

    17 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 days ago
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    How much more power does a 10 amp Dewalt drill have compared to a Ryobi 12-Volt drill?

    In other words, what’s the conversion from volts to amps?  The drills are pictured below.  The Ryobi is battery operated and the Dewalt is corded.

    10 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)2 days ago
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    Does a gas oven have the same wires as an electric oven to wire in ?

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    No it can't, you need a 240V 40 or 50 amp service for an electric range. A gas one prob ably plugs into any standard 120v outlet.

    9 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)3 days ago
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    Is clothes dryer exhaust coming through my window dangerous?


    My apartment window is right above the dryer exhaust for my building.  Sometimes when I open the window , I get a little of the exhaust come inside my apartment depending on the wind.  Is this dangerous?

    Since "answers" is shutting down soon, this will probably be my last question.  I appreciate everybody's help with this!

    6 AnswersOther - Home & Garden21 hours ago
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    will i past the home inspection to adopt a cat?

    the shelter i want to adopt from does home inspections first. I live in a trailer in a trailer park but the inside is very nice and clean. the only thing is we don't have a couch right now because when we moved states we threw out our old couch as it was worn. We haven't bought a new one yet. So when they walk in theyll just see the glass coffee table, we have a nice $300 area rug from lowes, tv stand and tv, fake tree in the corner. Our game room (2nd bedroom but we dont have kids) has a black futon, desk and chair and a tv and entertainment center. Our bedroom is standard clean bedroom with headboard and footboard, dresser, nightstand the works. The only thing is we dont have a couch in the living room right now and they may think that is weird... Will we still be able to adopt a cat do you think?

    5 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling13 hours ago
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    Why does my washine machine take ages to open the door after it finishes?

    The light just flashes for ages, sometimes hours. I've tried switching it off and back on at the wall, and I've tried doing spins, but often there's nothing I can do apart from just wait and wait until the door will open.

    It doesn't always happen and it's hard to find out what is causing it. It happens with small loads too so it isn't a case of filling it too full.

    11 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 days ago
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    A heating techniction may have caused my heat exchanger to crack...? ?

     I went into the basement to see that he CEMENTED a damper closed. I questioned him and he assured me it was okay. This was part of my routine yearly cleaning/maintenance.

    Later that day, there is a HUGE explosion. And when I say HUGE, I am not exaggerating one single bit. The noise was VERY loud. It shook my entire 2 story 1850sf house to the point that my chandelier was moving, as was the water in a vase of flowers and my kitchen cabinet dishes were clanging together. I hightailed out of the house with my hands covering my head!

    Once I gained my composure, I got up the nerve to go into the basement. Come to find out, the service guy CEMENTED the barimetric pressure damper closed. I found it across the basement where it landed after it hit the wall during the explosion. He returned and replaced the damper.

    Fast forward to this year's cleaning (with another heating company)....he said before they do a routine cleaning, they first check the heat exchanger....bad news, it's cracked and I need a new heating system / furnace. Badder news, time for a new oil tank AND, the new high efficiency furnaces are not compatable with my centralair conditioning unit . $ Cha-ching $

    Could that explosion have cause my heat exchanger to crack? Believe me when I tell you how big and loud and violent that explosion was!

    I thought my house was collapsing. It was like an earthquake!

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 days ago
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    Does it sound like the maintenance man at my apartment building is lying?

    I live in an old mill building that's been refurbished and turned into apartment buildings.

    My boyfriend and I live in a loft/studio. 

    He loves to lay in the bathtub for 2-3 hours with hot water from the shower going over him. He puts the water at a very high temperature.

    Within 20 minutes the entire apartment is filled with steam, the surface of the counters is wet, it's humid and almost impossibly hot and uncomfortable in this tiny apartment filled with steam. My hair even starts to frizz up and I feel sweaty and sick.

    It's driving me crazy because I get nauseous and feel sick from the humidity.

    There's a vent in the bathroom above the bathtub on the ceiling.

    There is only a single light switch in the bathroom, when turned on it turns on the overhead light and that's it.

    The vent makes no noise to indicate that there's a fan running. We complained to maintenance and the maintenance man said that all the apartments (there's 50 apartments on 3 floors) are connected to a ventilation system on the roof and they run 24.7 he put a paper towel under and showed how the vent slightly pulled on the paper towel to demonstrate suction. To me it seems barely detectable.

    Even taking a short shower, the bathroom turned into a steamy hot mess with condensation, everything in the bathroom is wet and gets moldy. We've changed the shower curtain liner monthly.

    Usually fans are turned on by a light switch as well.

    Something about the maintenance story isn't adding up

    12 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs5 days ago
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    Will this mess up my septic system, or leach lines?

    I hand wash dishes, and instead of filling up a bowl of soapy water, and washing them in that, i like to rinse the dish with the faucest, scrub it with a sponge, then rinse it again with the faucet. Im pretty sure id be using more water then I would if I just filled a bowl, and washed them in that, but do you think it will mess up my septic, or leach field?

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 days ago
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    Benzene in laundry detergent?

    Favourite answer:

    There is no benzene in laundry detergent.

    There are benzene derived compounds called alkylbenzene sulfonates and related compounds that act as surfactants. But these are reaction products that contain no free benzene solvent. Some

    people see these chemical names and have no idea that a compound is not the same thing as the individual components. They just see a recognizable word fragment in a compound name and freak out, when in fact these compounds are completely safe to use as intended.

    It's the equivalent of someone refusing to eat salt (sodium chloride) because it contains two extremely harmful components: sodium, a heavy metal that explodes when it contacts water, and chlorine, a deadly choking gas that can kill within minutes.

    Some manufacturers go along with public campaigns to replace ingredients like ddbsa and bsa in their cleaning products, not because they are hazardous in the product, but because they are easy to replace in the formulation, plus it's easier than trying to educate the ignorant consumers who tend to have a negative knee-jerk reaction to anything involving chemicals these days.

    5 AnswersCleaning & Laundry2 days ago
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    What amp drill do I need to bore holes in this stump?

    Favourite answer:

    I like the stump grinder, but if you want to use the drill check with your local rental place or HD rental. You are probably looking at around a 14 amp.

    Rentals are inexpensive..

    7 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)4 days ago
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    I Seem To Have A Plumbing Problem?

    For some strange reason the tank keeps getting low on water. But the tank keeps getting low on water and every 10 to 15 minutes it keeps running and filling up every 10 to 15 minutes.

    So the toilet keeps refilling up every 10 to 15-minute intervals.. 

    And any thing I read say it could be flapper not sealed probably or the washer has broken into pieces. 

    But I’m not sure where the water is going? I have not seen any water on the floor.

    12 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 days ago
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    What type and length of screws should be used to attach a plate caster to  3X3  post legs?

    I am adding casters to an elevated raised garden bed.  For the price I paid for the casters it seems the screws should have been included.  

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 day ago
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    What does it mean when it says danger 415 volts?

    On the door of the sewer vent building of a sewer vent with a chimney which lets off gases. 

    13 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 days ago
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    Is there a pole device to sand a wooden deck manually?

    Or do I have to get down on my knees?

    I know that there are poles for sanding drywall but is there also something for sanding a deck?

    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)4 days ago
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    Can I put twice the amount of high efficiency laundry detergent in my washing machine??

    I have a older washing machine which is non-high efficiency.  The issue is it's very difficult to find non high efficiency laundry detergent so most of it is high efficiency nowadays.  I find HE soap and HE washing machines don't get clothes very clean.  Since my washer is old one will putting twice as much laundry detergent really work.  

    4 AnswersCleaning & Laundry2 days ago
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    Attic door handle options?

    Hi all,

    We've got a small attic door leading into our attic/loft space as can be seen in the photo below. The small door was not fitted with a handle of any kind, only a small wooden wedge was placed at its base to keep it shut. This doesn't work well, lots of draughts come through the loosely closed door, plus the wedge just looks sloppy.

    I'm trying to think of what type of door handles would suit this type of scenario and would keep the small door shut to the point of being airtight. I don't think a regular door handle would work for this situation. I was thinking of a rotating type handle, the ones that are often used on boats to seal latch compartments might work, perhaps one at the top and one at the bottom of the door. Although ideally, the attic door could be opened on both sides so that the kids don't accidentally lock themselves or each other inside. Any thoughts (or links to handles) that may work in this scenario would be much appreciated.

    4 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)2 days ago
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    Are LED light bulbs worth the money?

    Not so long ago, it might not have been so clear cut - as new technology, the prices on LED bulbs were quite high for a while, but now I can go to Ikea or a few other reputable retailers and get a replacement bulb for about £1. Now that we’ve got past the initial high purchase price, the money saving argument starts to work a bit better.

    In my living room, I have two lights on the ceiling, between them using eight 5W LED bulbs, giving a combined power of 40W. If I was using 25W incandescent bulbs, the total power from my ceiling lights would be 200W.

    Assuming that I use my lighting for three hours a day, 365 days a year and that I pay £0.14 per unit (kilowatt hour) of electricity, I would have paid £6.14 for my LED lights, or £30.67 just for the privilege of lighting my living room with incandescent bulbs, a yearly saving of £24 in just one room.

    Then there’s replacing the bulbs. I’ve lived in my house for about four years now and must have in the region of 30 LED bulbs dotted around the place. How many have I had to change?

    8 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling5 days ago