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I listen to metal, rock, and occasionally Pop. I listen to the Gorillaz, slipknot, etc. I watch the mick and rick and morty 24/7 and i have horrible anxiety and aspergers

  • 10 mg Prozac and marijuana ?

    Hi today I’ve decided to quit my marijuana use to fully use my 10 mg Prozac. But I was wondering will the leftover THC in my body effect the medication at all? Or do they only interact when I’m smoking? (I was just recently a heavy smoker todays the first day sober, will the thc interact with the Prozac?)

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  • Should I worry? Ovarian or intestinal problem?

    I’m 17 and I’m experiencing cramps in my pelvic area & my back (even while off my period) its been like this all month and it started out as really bad cramping in my upper abdomen and somewhere in the middle of lower and upper abdomen.. my last period (TMI) was already darkish brown blood with some red. And it was late by 3 days. But last month it was late by 10 days and 2 months ago it was late by 6 days. I have constipation but then it’s very soft and I have a lot of gas build up too. I just worry because I had an ovarian cyst 2 years ago I know it’s silly of my to think like that but I’m pretty worried it was something worse.. I’m seeing a doctor most likely tomorrow but I just want to get some thoughts? Please no rude comments..

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  • Abdominal pain .. Help?

    3 days ago I started getting sudden sharp pains in the right lower part of the abdomen. This started after masturbating one night and ever since then it got worse and tonight its worse than ever, the started happening on the left side too and in the middle of my belly. I been tearing up and no matter how I lay im in so much pain and I'm constipated but only today. And passing gas. I'm nauseous but I've always had nausea for months now so its not new. I'm 15 and a female, my period is in 2 weeks if that's any help.. I'm nervous it might be my appendix.. :(

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  • Right abdominal pain?

    Hi so I'm only 15 and its midnight and I'm having bottom right abdominal pain, it feels a little better when I stand but it also hurts it comes n goes every few seconds. That's really the only symptom rn with me. So like idk. In 5'5" and I weight 140 pounds. So if anyone can help id be thankful and let me know if i should be going to the hospital. Ow.

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  • Could this be a stroke? Or something else?

    So I wake up from a 6 hour nap to a weird feeling. The right side of my body feels weird kinda like numb, i pinched myself and yes it hurt but it feels numb, and uts kinda warmer than the left side. And this past week ive been getting stabbing pains in my head and im going for an MRI in four weeks but Idk. I have really bad anxiety and i just wanna know if im having a stroke or if theres something wrong with my brain. And also the right side of my face feels droopy but it doesnt look like it, it also feels warm. Help im only 15 and im scared..

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