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  • What can you eat, and how soon, after master cleanse?

    I am currently on day 10, which will be my final day on the Master Cleanse detox/fast. I know tomorrow I can drink only orange juice and water, then the next day is only orange juice and veggie soup for dinner, and then the next day I can have more o.j., water, soup, veggies, fruits, and salad.... but can I have chocolate or sweets? nothing excessive, but even just a piece of something. I want to know when you can actually start having dairy products (the book isnt very specific) - i assume you can probably start on dairy as soon as you know your body can handle really normal meals including meat, bread, pasta, and heavier foods like such. What should I be aware of before eating too soon, as to not get sick as I'm ending this diet?

    If anyone could tell me from experience, that would possibly be more helpful.


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