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  • Husband acts like immature brother around his family, while I become invisible to him..?

    I tell him I feel invisible to him when around his family as some of them are visiting us this week. He gets angry at me saying it’s not his fault I only know how to socialize with my own family and he’s not going to be my safety blanket around his family. This makes me cry and feel like I’m the problem, and when I cry he gets more angry saying something about how ridiculous I’m being. This happens whenever we’re around his family. Now we have a trip planned to see his family across the country to show off our newborn baby and I’m terrified of the virus resurge, feel like I have postpartum depression and I’m scared my husbands only going to become more distant during that week because of the way he acts with his family. What do I do?

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  • Blood filled tiny bubble on face, there 3mo and went away? Should I be concerned?

    I had a blood filled small pimple sized bubble appear twice on my face like 3 years ago. It lasted about 3 months both times and went away.I haven’t seen it since and forgot about it, but now I just remembered about it and I’m worried. I’m 9 months pregnant, so hormones are wild. Getting induced in 3 days so stress is kicking in a bit. Maybe I’m just being silly? My mom just got a face mole removed that was precancerous, so it just occurred to me, what if that’s what I had and it just went somewhere else in my body. Thanks for answers.

    Skin Conditions3 weeks ago
  • Property taxes received to cover next year on home we sold. Do we pay them?

    So we sold our home on August 18th, we just today, October 30th, got a San Diego county tax bill for our old home covering the year July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 and the bill due date is in TWO DAYS. This is our first time receiving this notice for the taxes. Part of the bill is a 1% tax on home net value, along with other county taxes. Do we have to pay these taxes or is the buyer supposed to pay these? Paying for an entire 11 months taxes on a home we don’t own seems a little ridiculous to me, especially since we actually lost money on the sale of the home. Thanks.

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  • Husband called out brother for poor behavior/brother feels bad. Should husband apologize?

    My brother daily comes to my moms house and he has no control over his rowdy kids and just pacifies their poor behavior. They leave messes everyday they come, like pop sicle smeared on the floor and the kids and my brothers trash lying around and food smushed between the couch cushions. My husband deep cleans these messes, while my mom just picks up their trash after them. My mom doesn’t talk about feelings and let’s my brother continue this but my husband knows it’s wrong so he texted my brother yesterday saying, “Can you clean up after your kids when you come over? Thanks”. Any way, my brothers a mommas boy and went to my mom saying this hurt his feelings and lied awake at night feeling bad about this, so my mom said my husband shouldn’t have done this. My husband said he’ll apologize, but should he? I don’t think my husband did anything wrong. Was it rude that he said that? I do think my brother SHOULD feel bad about what he continually does to my moms house though. I know my brothers going to avoid my husband now from awkwardness from this. Should we just let that happen and stick to what was said, or is apologizing the right thing to do? Thanks. 

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  • Dog still can reach neuter site with cone on? ?

    My silly dog can reach the neuter surgery site with his cone on. Can I spray bitter apple spray on the surgery site to deter him from licking? Or is there something else I can do? Can’t watch him constantly as I have to sleep and live life still. Haha. Thanks for answers.

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  • Pregnant n feeling lousy from fire smoke in California. What can I do?

    Even though I’m staying indoors my head eyes and sinuses hurt from the fire smoke in the air. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and also concerned about the consequences breathing this air could have on the baby. Any advice of what I can do and could this pose problems for the baby? Thanks.

    4 AnswersPregnancy3 months ago
  • What mortgage type would I need in this scenario? ?

    So my husband and I want to move states from California to Washington. We just sold our home and are living in my mom’s house. We’re hoping to get a mortgage to buy a home In Washington on his California School district job income. My sister is already living in Washington renting, and she loves our idea of her living in the home we buy for the first year or so, so she can save up for her own place to live. All the while, my husband and I would stay living in my mom’s house in Cali for that year where we would not move until my husband gets a school district job up in Washington after about a year or more. What kind of loan would we be able to qualify for doing this? We like this idea, as we get to take advantage of the current low interest rates and we don’t have to rent first when we do move In the future so my husband can get settled in a new job.

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  • Will I pay taxes on home sale when only down payment is earned back?

    My husband and I bought a home in 2018 for $250000..we just sold the house for $280000, BUT we paid $35,000 in fees and closing to sell the home. We did get the $50,000 Down payment back from the sale and that’s our only gain from the sale. Will we have to pay taxes from getting the $50,000 back?? Thanks!

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  • Slug sized brown mucus in green liquid diarrhea while pregnant?

    This is pretty gross, but I just noticed a large brown slug like thing that came out in my liquid green diarrhea. Im 27 weeks pregnant but have no other symptoms and have not had diarrhea up to this point. Just a little freaky is all. Is this an immediate cause for concern or should I wait and see if the diarrhea persists? Thanks!

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  • Do I use maiden name or married name when signing to sell house?

    On my marriage certificate I changed my name to my husband’s. But on my ID it still says my maiden name. So which do I sign as for selling my house? Thanks.

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce4 months ago
  • Dog obsessively licking other dogs genitals? Could this go away with neuter?

    So my sister brought her 2 year old chihuahua mix to my parents house for a week where my dogs and I live. Her dog is unfixed and my lab male mix is unfixed. She’s not in heat or anyThing but my boy CONSTANTLY was whining to get at my sisters dog the entire week. If he was allowed to go at her he’d shove his face into her area flipping her over and try to hump her obsessively with all his strength. Her dog would threaten to bite so we kept them apart the whole week. 

    Whether he was in the house or the yard or on a walk, he was whining frantically the entire week. 

    We scheduled him the soonest available neuter appointment for a month out from now.  

    Well my sisters gone home now and my lab mix has started constantly trying to flip over my other unfixed male Cavalier to lick his genitals, and then tries to bump him after. Bugs the cavalier like crazy.

    So I ask this, do you think the Obsessive licking of my other boy cavalier will go away once we fix my lab mix? There’s no injury on the cavaliers area that he’s licking at. It’s driving us all a bit crazy! I’m pregnant, so hearing or seeing him lick at the other boy is  now a pet peeve that disgusts me. He’ll stop when I tell him to, but goes back to it a short time later.

    5 AnswersDogs4 months ago
  • Are the Homebuyers asking too much of us as the sellers? (Paying for their closing AND $5000 repair costs)  ?

    My husband and I are selling our house in San Diego, CA for a listing price of $289,000, which is the cheapest home for sale in our area currently. We got an offer of $280,000 for it. We accepted. The buyers are asking that we pay $6000 in their closing costs. When me and my husband bought the home 2 years ago our closing was only $2500! Is that amount their asking for just to cover all closing then we get back any leftovers past closing? Or do the buyers get anything leftover from the $6000? They also got an inspection done as well and found cracks in the foundation. They got it further inspected and it was estimated a $10,000 repair. So now they’re asking we pay $5000 to them at closing to go towards that repair... that’s $9000 off on the house price, $6000 in closing and $5000 in repair costs. Are we getting ripped off and should we go along with their requests? I’ve never sold a home before, so no idea if these are pretty standard requests... But if we fulfill these requests we leave the house with just our down payment back, no equity and no return of what we put into paying off the home over the 2 years of owning it. 

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  • Can I request the IV be placed in my arm, rather my hand while giving birth?

    I have a fear of getting an IV in my hand/wrist and I’m actually more scared of that than giving birth itself. I can feel anxiety in my hands and ankles and the thought of it. I’m due in November and worried about the IV, as I’ve never had one before, and know it’s going to just stress me out like crazy. So what do you think, could  I request to get the IV in my arm or will they disregard any request? Thanks.

    5 AnswersOther - General Health Care4 months ago
  • Mom listens through door to private convos and gets mad at me for them? HELP!?

    My husband and I moved into my moms as my hubby lost work from COVID and we’re planning on living in her home until our baby arrives in fall. My husband butts heads with my mom’s actions sometimes. For an example my dad is disabled, no use of arms or legs, dementia, and hallucinations, and my mom takes him in the car when she goes shopping and left him in the car today during the 98 degree weather we’re having. Naturally my husband was mad. Thing is, my mom listens at our door to my husband talking angry about her. And she comes to me later when my hubby’s not around to talk angry at me about those convos n tell me he should learn to control his temper. On the contrary, my husband talking only to me about these things so I can help him work through his anger IS my husband controlling his temper. He never actually says what he’s really thinking to my mom as he doesn’t want to be mean. WHAT DO I DO? My mom seems to think no one can express anger or they have mental problems and need pills. That’s the style of my whole childhood. My sister was hot-headed so my mom made her take bi polar pills and always blames everything my sister does that bothers her on my sisters bi polar. Even when my sister would dump boyfriends cuz they were jerks. It was always her bi polar in my moms eyes. 🙄 Anyway, back to my hubby n me, Is the only solution to this problem to just move out? Thanks.

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  • Husband now on call for grandma any time of night to help her. Is this right?

    So my husband has just offered to his grandma, who lives 15 mins away to be on call if she needs any help throughout the night. Thing is, he’s offered this for my disabled wheelchair bound dad with dementia while my mom works night shifts, AND I’m midway through Pregnancy so feel a bit worried being home alone and not able to drive if anything happens. I cannot lift my dad should anything happen either, being pregnant. Am I just being over dramatic or selfish, or has my husband over-booked himself? Thanks.

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  • If buyer has no agent does seller pay less to their own agent?

    I’m trying to sell my house and posted it on Facebook. Someone started messaging me and asked if I think I’d accept a certain low offer for the house. They claim they aren’t using an agent so that will lower my commission fees. Is this true? Typically the commission fees are about 6% of the sale price split between buyers and sellers agents. But if they are not using an agent would my agent take the full 6% or only half? Thanks. 

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  • California COVID laws: Can I BBQ on the beach?

    I’m in San Diego california and I thought of a baby shower idea to do next month, but I’m not sure it’s legal with the current laws in place. I wanted to have me my husband and another family member preparing BBQ with a table of food. Guests come sporadically to the table to be served food and drop off a gift, but the idea is they take their food to a picnic with their own family anywhere out on the beach. Would this be allowed by today’s COVID laws? Thanks.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 months ago
  • My mom expects my husband to be my dads nurse? Is this wrong?

    My mom convinced us not to move out of state until our baby’s born in fall, because she doesn’t want us to leave. So we’re staying in her house. Thing is, she expects my husband to be my disabled dads nurse and is in denial that he needs professional care. My dad is wheelchair bound, can’t use his arms, and has dementia and hallucinations. He tries to stand up and falls about 10 times a day. My mom can’t lift him so she yells for my husband every time he falls to pick him up. She daily goes out to shop etc. And expects my husband and I to watch him. She also is avoiding retirement as a prenatal nurse and regularly works overnights, to which she expects my husband and I to care for my dad. Is this wrong? It really bugs me and seems not right, like my hubby willingly gets taken advantage of. I saw it happen with my hubby and his parents while we dated. And now my parents are doing it to him! Is the only solution moving away? Mind you, my sister and brother live with their own families down the road from my mom, so we’re not the only ones here.

    4 AnswersFamily6 months ago
  • What’s wrong with the troops keeping the peace at these riots?

    Honestly, do you supporters want rioters to burn down America? Because the police are no longer respected so who else to keep the peace than the troops..

    6 AnswersPolitics6 months ago