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  • Help. Laptop problem?

    I'm not computer literate so I don't know my way round a PC.  I've managed to move photos from my mobile phone onto my laptop but now I can't find them.  How do I find exactly where they have arrived so that I can then move them to somewhere I am able to find them easily - desktop for instance??  Help

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 months ago
  • how to comment on a resolved question?

    If I click comment, the comment box appears but I'm unable to type my comment or add it. What am I doing wrong?

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Changing Plain Text to Rich Text?

    In AOL I receive emails and can forward proper attachments OK, but if pictures and fonts

    are embedded in the actual email, then as soon as I press the Forward button all fonts disappear, text-colour, size and all the pictures disappear completely. If the email says 'look at these lovely pictures' with captions under each one, the captions come out OK in plain type but the pictures disappear. I understand that it's something to do with suddenly being in plain text (I don't know why this happened) and needing to change this into rich text format and not to select HDML....but trying to do this through Tools doesn't work. I chose Tools and Internet Options and then Programs - but the editing seems to only be in HDML with no option to change this to either plain or rich text. What am I doing wrong?

    Please answer in very simple language as I'm not computer literate. Thanks a lot.

    2 AnswersOther - Internet7 years ago
  • Removing a programme - Mysearchdial?

    I accidentally installed this 'search engine?' and now I can't seem to remove it. I have Windows 8 and when I go to uninstall - I get pop up message telling me to turn off my browsers. I am not aware that I have any browsers open. Any ideas? Thank you. Simple language please because, as you can see, I am not really up to all the computer jargon.

    1 AnswerSecurity7 years ago
  • What are 'Add Ons' and what are they for?

    Windows 8 Keeps offering me a menu to choose add-ons or ignore. What are these add-ons and if I choose them and change my mind afterwards, how do I get rid of them. Child's language please. I'm not computer literate. Many thanks in advance.

    6 AnswersAdd-ons8 years ago
  • Binatone Speakeasy 600 mobile phone?

    I've had it since Christmas and all was well until today when half the screen went black and I can't get the menu up. It still receives calls. Anyone know what might be wrong with it? Help

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • What's the name of the group?

    Who had a viral hit on Youtube with, I think,a cover version of a song which I think is called something like 'Black & White'. They are an Eastern European Group who just sing it straight to camera and are quite good. Thank you if anyone can answer

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop8 years ago
  • How do I delete myself off the Facebook site?

    Someone put me on it and I get lots of trashy emails etc which I can't be bothered with. I tried ot unsubscribe to it today but I can't find any place on the site which lets me escape. Any ideas? Thanks a lot

    3 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • My email screen has suddenly become magnified.?

    How do I rectify this? Nice simple answers please as I'm not computer literate. Thanks

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail9 years ago
  • how to re size email pane?

    I've pressed the wrong button and now the text of my Email suddenly looks huge and I don't know how to rectify it. How do I make the writing return to normal size?

    1 AnswerAttachments and Photos9 years ago
  • My pc seems to be automatically sending emails to everyone in my address book?

    without my knowledge. These emails are usually either entitled 'no subject' or give a one-word title and all contain just a link, which if clicked on, gives a load of rubbish advertising to the poor recipient. I have run my spyware systems which tell me that my pc is not infected with trojans, worms or viruses - but these unwanted emails continue being sent out. Can anyone suggest how I stop this and what it might be?? Thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersAbuse and Spam10 years ago
  • Birthday present for a husband with everything?

    He loves tools but has a worshop full of pretty specialised stuff. Ditto computer equipment. I'm totally un-technically minded and just know if I went out and bought him more tools they wouldn't be the right sort etc. What the hell can I get him for his b/day next week? Any ideas? He's got loads of hobbies but I can't think of anything off hand that might be useful to him. Even some manly hobby ideas would be something which might get my brain going. Help

    11 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)10 years ago
  • Violinist. Ida ?. Rondo Capriccioso - Saint-Saens?

    We used to have a 78rpm record of this by Ida (or Ina?) and surname like Kurtz?? Any ideas?

    1 AnswerClassical1 decade ago
  • Aerosol Cans. How do you get stuff out of one that is broken?

    I'm asking the seniors because I just KNOW someone out there will know the answer to this or will have tried to do this themselves and maybe found a way of doing it. I've got a full can of spray paint which was quite expensive. After a few sprays, the little squirty toggly thing on the top has broken and it doesn't depress any more so I'm left with all that expensive paint locked into a pressurised can which I'm frightened to pierce to get the paint out in case it explodes all over me. Have I got to throw it away and waste my much-needed paint....or is there a sneaky way of getting into the can, if only to be able to pour the contents into something else with a screw top? Help all you DIYers. Thanks in advance.

    8 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • Dog licking paws and nibbling legs?

    We're looking after someone's dog while owners are on holiday. She's got slightly sensitive skin anyway so I'm careful of chemicals etc around the house in case she's allergic, but she keeps nibbling and licking her paws and legs and making them very pink and sore-looking. Any ideas why she would do this or how to stop her from damaging herself. As I say, she's clean, de-flea-ed and the carpets are clean without any carpet stuff on them and I'm not using any room deodorizers. In addition, her coat is nice and shiny, no skin diseases or rashes anywhere on her - just these pink feet. Any help at all would be appreciated as we have her for another week and I want her to be happy.

    6 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Who makes the gravy separators with little slots?

    I've got an old cheapie one which is falling apart but I can't get another one like it and I can't now remember where I bought it. It's just a little plastic jug with a slot in front of the pouring lip into which you slide a flat piece of plastic which you can raise and lower as you pour out the gravy leaving the fat on the top. Lakeland and Cleaneze sell larger jugs with a pouring spout at the bottom - but they aren't the ones I want. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks a lot.

    2 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • Contact lenses worn during sleep?

    Has anyone tried these for correction of vision during the daytime? If so, how were they and were they expensive - and did they work successfully? I asked this question elsewhere on Answers and got Zilch - so I thought the all-knowing, all-wise Seniors would be bound to have an answer for me.

    4 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • Bras with good side support for the larger ladies.?

    Can you recommend any makes of bras that have really good side support.

    4 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Who is the author - crime?

    The central character is a Jewish Scotsman (Detective?) in either Edinburgh or Glasgow who is in love with his dead brother's wife who's called Miriam. Can't remember the name of the character or the person who wrote the books but the dead bro might be called Colin. Any ideas? (This is bugging me)

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors1 decade ago