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  • Everyone likes me? Is that strange?

    Basically about 85-90% of people I meet appear to like me, of course, some don't but it's not very often that they don't.

    My personality comes across as a relaxed, sensitive and quiet person, sometimes a bit unorthodox. I'm always nice to people (I'm not someone who gives my life to help people all the time though, and I don't say yes all the time), I usually listen rather than speak, I'm usually taller than most people I interact with (if that's any help). When someone goes through something, I listen and sympathise/empathise, but usually don't offer much advice except minor tips (at least in my eyes they are, maybe it's something big to them?)

    My favourite movies and music choices tend to be different (ish), usually not mainstream. I dress in dark clothing (tbh, I dress really well, not to sound egotistical or anything, but just pointing it out), listen to metal/rock/orchestras/classics, into MMA and Boxing etc. Maybe I'm edgy because of that? But to be edgy, you have to try too hard, and yes I was very edgy a few years ago, but certainly no more.

    Favourite movie characters: Batman, John Wick, Jason Bourne, Billy Butcher, Hughie, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, James Bond and more.

    Favourite game characters: Niko Bellic, Kazuya, Arthur Morgan, John Marston, Frank Woods, many others, just need to remember but tricky to because of ADHD.

    Anyways, it's a bit weird. Everyone just seems to like me, it seems they really want to get to know me.

    I'm 18 and male btw.

    5 AnswersEtiquette2 weeks ago
  • Kitten purring every time on blanket?

    What does it mean if my 13 week old kitten always purrs and gets cuddly every time she sits on my blanket?

    3 AnswersCats4 weeks ago
  • Since I'm pretty depressed, is it normal to feel like you just want to rest?

    Basically I've went through years of undiagnosed depression and started getting treatment. I get grumpy when I'm tired and I annoyingly get tired very easily. I feel like I've come out of a war and constantly feel like just resting.

    Whenever I do a chore when tired, I get in a really bad mood and instinctively start complaining and then feel bad about it because there's so much stigma towards what I'm going through.

    I think I might have had ADHD or maybe ADD as a kid and didn't diagnose that either so it seemed I was just a thrill seeking, anxious, restless, stress prone, lazy and easily bored and distracted person for no reason.

    What was the blame that was thought back then? My lack of activity and skepticism towards anything that seemed strange to me. It was usually seen as something I was doing wrong and something I should change, I couldn't. So it felt like weakness, this guilt built up into depression. This then made me feel worthless and talentless, so it made me skeptical in the hopes of avoiding looking silly.

    Seems to be ADD though, I don't talk out of control or respond to impulses (although I do feel them), I actually struggle to speak much at all.

    There are also times where I burn out so much that even simply thinking a little bit causes physical pain (obviously a headache.)

    2 AnswersMental Health1 month ago
  • Kitten peeing around the house, what do I do?

    2 months old, been around for a few weeks now.

    Female Domestic Shorthair Tabby.She hasn't got any medical issues (apart from farting out a sulfur/rotten egg/rotten fish smell every time she plays which I'm unsure about.)She poops and pees in her tray regularly but still pees outside of it (I caught her doing it, she was in her peeing position and not spraying.)She doesn't seem stressed, she still plays, relaxes and sleeps normally, she's eating and drinking water fine too. Her actual behaviour has not changed.What could be the reason behind her peeing?

    5 AnswersCats2 months ago
  • Kittens play fighting?

    So I have a 2 month old kitten and a 4 month old kitten. The older one is obviously the resident cat.

    They met and appear to be getting along. However, big kitty seems to keep play fighting (claw free swiping, without hissing.) Young kitty doesn't mind, however big kitty gets rougher and rougher to the point where young kitty gets a bit scared so we end up separating them.

    What else should I do?

    6 AnswersCats2 months ago
  • How to introduce 2 kittens?

    My current kitten is 4 months old, friendly with strangers and very affectionate and playful. She's also a bold and curious kitten, usually takes risks a lot.

    My new kitten coming soon is around 2 months old, grew up living with many other cats (my current kitten grew up with several other kittens) and is said to also be friendly and playful.

    So how do I introduce them?

    2 AnswersCats3 months ago
  • Do pro fighters need to pay for a manager?

    Do they simply ask the manager to come over in exchange of some of their prize money or do they just simply pay the manager with what they've got.

    If they do pay, how much are they?

    3 AnswersBoxing3 months ago
  • Can someone explain the purpose of the Rockefeller Center?

    What is it used for? Why was it built?

    3 AnswersHistory3 months ago
  • How do you respond to someone calling you "baby"?

    Usually in school this happens if a guy is a few months older than me.

    For instance, I was born in July and he was born in March or something.

    1 AnswerFriends3 months ago
  • Why do I get nervous and shaky when I hear something loud?

    This is usually stuff that are particularly loud, not everyday noises, not all loud stuff though.

    Examples: A drill, baby crying (this one is the worst), super loud and basey music, tyre noise in a car, someone shouting at me (I hate this one) etc.

    Usually when I hear these, my mind starts going all weird, I usually get anxiety attacks.

    What could this be?

    1 AnswerMental Health3 months ago
  • Wrestling singlet colours?

    In wrestling you have red singlet and blue singlet. You see this in Olympic boxing too. What does this mean? Who wears red/blue? How is it determined?

    Wrestling3 months ago
  • Cars 3 ending?

    If you could pick any ending of Cars 3, what would it be?

    Movies3 months ago
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fight Scene Explained?

    Youtube thumbnail

    At 1:30 I'm a bit confused, what is that move? Can someone explain?

    Movies3 months ago
  • Lost kitten, can she return home?

    She's 16 weeks old, spent around 8 weeks with us and has been missing for 15 hours.

    Domestic shorthair cat.

    We've left food, water, a toy and some clothes near our garage door which is slightly open, big enough for her to enter.

    11 AnswersCats4 months ago
  • Are built in satnavs in older cars accurate?

    How well do older sat navs hold up? Do they get things wrong? Or are they still usable?

    So for instance, if I pick up a 2001-2008 BMW, maybe a 3 series E46-E90 or something, would that sat nav work well?

    6 AnswersBMW4 months ago
  • How do I respond to a friend being a bit difficult?

    Basically I have depression and anxiety. However, him and my other friends also had it too but thing is, unlike them I used to complain a lot, this reduced but my friend now uses this against me in our argument.

    His main argument is pretty much "You have the least symptoms, our lives were tougher and yet you complain the most so you should just mature up and change."

    Does he have a point or is he incorrect?

    2 AnswersFriends4 months ago
  • This one's a weird question?

    Based on my experience, I'm wondering if I've got a decent chin.

    I have sparred numerous times and have taken big shots to the head (albeit with headgear.) The guy I sparred with was known for his punching power.

    I have also taken accidental bare knuckle shots to the chin while sparring without feeling dazed, albeit not too hard but I never saw them coming.

    I also have had headbutt accidents to my chin without feeling dazed (a pretty silly story, not gonna bother explaining.)

    I have also taken a punch when I had another fight in college, I was not at all stunned by the punch surprisingly, but me being an idiot didn't see it coming.

    So what do you lot think?

    Boxing4 months ago
  • Is it legal to put a parent as the car owner but you as the main driver?

    Essentially on my car insurance, what I was thinking was putting my mum as the owner of the car but me as the main driver.

    Would that work or does it count as illegal?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 months ago
  • Do metal watches get uncomfortably hot in summer?

    If I'm travelling, should I stick to a rubber or plastic watch or is it safe to wear a steel watch?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories4 months ago