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  • why am i sick every morning?

    for the past almost 3 weeks, i’ve been throwing up every single morning, and i can not figure out the cause. first of all, i am DEFINITELY not pregnant. i have not been active at all, it’s impossible. also, 1.) i have anxiety that will make me sick if i worry too much about something. however, i don’t think i have done much worrying recently. 2.) i was thinking maybe it’s post-nasal drip?? i can definitely feel mucus in my throat. besides this information, i’m clueless. but i am so extremely tired of waking up at 6-8am to go throw up. please let me know if anyone has been through something similar.

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  • paranoid about TSS?

    i was SUPER exhausted thursday night. usually, because i hate pads, when i start feeling tired i change my tampon and set a four hour timer so that i can change it. however, friday morning it seemed that i had completely knocked out. to furthermore carry the absolute nightmare, when i ran to the bathroom, i somehow had two tampons in. i am now scared that TSS will form. 

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  • is it lack of sleep causing sickness?

    last night i was out with friends and didn’t sleep until 6 AM i woke up around 9:30 AM. as soon as i woke up, i had to rush to the bathroom & was gagging for probably around ten minutes. i hadn’t thrown up, just spit up once. is this from lack of sleep?

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  • help me create a summer bucket list please !?

    this summer just started & it has been AMAZING. tons of rules broken, memories made, night swimming, roadtrips, a concert, & more concerts to come, within 3 days. however, i want a summer bucket list, more adventures to take on. please list things that should fun, or that you’ve done which you have amazing memories of!

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  • side effect of depression?

    i took medication for nausea and menstrual cramps. i took naproxen sodium, which has a side effect of depression. this isn’t the first time i’ve taken it, but i feel so numb, depressed, etc. can i fight through it, or do i just have to wait for it to wear off?

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  • Throwing up constantly / birth control ?

    okay so , i’m a very young teenager , early teen years . i throw up every single month , skipping one or two , while on my period . two weeks ago i threw up due to crying too much , & i’m already throwing up again . i’m very tiny, probably around 103 pounds regularly . i’m worried that throwing up so often is bad for my weight . also , my doctor is putting me on birth control , the PATCH . i’m really scared that , because i’m so young , someone will see the patch & make up rumors , saying that i’m sleeping around or something like young teenagers do . what do i do ?

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  • I throw up when I cry too much?

    after i cry , i usually get super nauseous . last night i started crying around 9 & cried until midnight , when i threw up , because of an event that happened . i only threw up once ( well , three times , but in the same minute or so ) , & i haven’t thrown up since , but i still feel nauseous & lightheaded . can i go to school ? & obviously besides crying so much , what can i do to prevent this ?

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  • can i swim in a lake with a tampon in ?

    me & my family are going to the lake because it’s spring break, & i just started wearing tampons. however, is the lake too dirty to wear a tampon in? like, will soaking up the lake water be harmful?

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