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  • Can a career counselor help guide me into help with college?

    I am trying to get back into school but I have no idea what to go for. I'm struggling between going for quick in demand money like LVN trade school, or going for what I love art (BUT NOT SURE IF ITS IN DEMAND AND WORTH IT), or going to a community college for something like phycology which I also have a big interest in, but I'm not sure what I can do with it and if it is in demand. If there's anyone willing to help me in figuring it out I would really appreciate it. I know schools offer counselors but seeing as I'm not sure which school to get into I don't have access to them. 

  • Can I return a assembled bike to a Walmart store?

    I ordered a bike on It of course came unassembled. Am I able to return the assembled bike to Walmart store. It is very uncomfortable to ride with a baby seat attached so I am switching to a cruiser. 

    5 AnswersCycling4 weeks ago
  • Is Ultimate Medical Academy legit?

    Is this school accredited? I am looking to get into school and they offer online rn courses but in person clinicals. I have never heard of this school and do not want to be scammed once its time to find employment.

  • What order do I use face cleaning products?

    I've never did anything to my skin,but lately I've been breaking out and having blemishes. I went and brought a bunch of Shea moisture face products. I have no idea what to use when and in what order. My skin is naturally oily and also I have some dark spots. If anyone can help me knowing what to use and when I would really appreciate it.i don't want to over process my skin using everything and using it wrong. I brought :

    clarifying facial scrub and wash Clarifying mud maskClarifying tonerBalancing moistureBlack soapDaily hydration lotionAlso should I wash my face in hot or cold water. 

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  • Is there something wrong if my two year old doesn't talk?

    My daughter will be 2yrs old mid August. People have questioned why she does not talk. She just grunts or makes sounds kind of like a minion.she just started babbling about a month or two ago. She will say words then stop saying them. She's said mommy and dada for months. Then she started saying "Hi" then stopped. Then she started saying "No"...and stopped. Then "Baby" and stopped...then "barbie" then she is saying "Ma" and "doggy". I find it strange that she knows words but chooses not to say them after a week. I read that if a baby feels like there baby talk and sounds are understood they do not see a need to rush to learn words. Is this true? Because I can decode her minion sounds and no exactly what she wants w out her using words. She also will not mimick words. If I say to say something she will put forth effort to NOT say the word. Is this normal?

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  • How do I allow my ex to re enter into the family?

    Long story short. I was with a guy for 5years. We split nov2019 but stayed living together because he had nowhere to go. I out him out Jan 2020. We didn't split due to cheating it was more so fighting too much we both were slowly falling out of love an it hit a point where I was unhappy and tired of fighting. We JUST became corjal enough to sit and talk about everything we decided to work on the relationship. I have a 9yr old from a previous relationship and me and him have a 2yr old together. I'm very protective of my oldest and don't no how to go about it. A part of me does not want him to see my oldest becasue I don't want her to be confused as to us working it out and another part of me was wondering if I should allow him to see her and spend time with us (not living together) and get her back use to him. Right now he is living in a hotel and spending 4000 a month on that and living expenses. So I'm in question about if we should live together and be financially stable or continue to struggle seperetly. I may be over thinking it but I'm very cautious of the situations I have my kids in and I do not want to do something that can effect them later. I just need to no what seems to be the healthy way to bring my family back together. 

    P.s. I've NEVER re dates someone I've split with so I've never had to go through the "working things out" process I have a low tolerence for cheating but with him it's more so our communication was horrible but that's fixable with work. 

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating2 months ago
  • What are some good mom blogs?

    I am going crazy with my two kids. I constantly find myself trying to figure out how to fix my lifestyle as far as how to make bedtime not so overwhelming or how to get my 2year old to behave ext. I am really good with taking advice but I want advice from people who have or are dealing with he same thing. I thought about the idea of blogging. Asking questions in forums to other parents and getting advice,as well as having the option to followup verses for example Yahoo answers. Usually when people comment once they never comment again on the same post. I'm desperate for help. I feel like I'm making my life so overwhelming with how I parent.  A sucker for crying but at the same time it frustrates me. I need help and advice. What is a good m blog that I can go to. 

    Thank you

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  • Do online therapist work as good as in person ones?

    I have been dealing with depression for almost 10years. I'm 30. It started when I had my first child and worked ALOT. Being a single mom my mom helped me alot to the point where she would keep my daughter for days at a time to avoid me getting her out in the early mornings for my shift. I appriciated the help but I'd find myself crying because my daughter was only home two days a week. I worked 5 years then quit. I was fine for a few years. Then I got into a relationship which was fine. Until I got preg and lost my son. It took a toll on the relationship. I then had a baby girl and became a stay at home mom and while I loved being withy kids it was overwhelming and lonely me and the father would constantly fight. I would like to see a therapist but any little obstacle overwhelms me. I do not have childcare for therapy so I'm trying to see my options of what I can do and what will actually help me. I'm tired of feeling this way. Please help 

    3 AnswersMental Health2 months ago
  • How do I mourn my baby?

    Three years ago today I was pregnant with a little boy I went into premature labor and had a neonatal birth at 5months. 3years later and I have not been able to mourn him. I had a void. I ended up getting pregnant again having a little girl a year later. I have a 9yr old girl already. I thought getting pregnant again would help fill the void but as I've been told it hasn't. I rememebe the day like yesterday. I have NEVER been able to even look at the box of his keepsakes the hospital gives I can't even have it in my home. My sister has it. The depression and loss effected my relationship to the point we're we ended. Me nor the father spoke on him after and never mourned our loss together or seperate. I have a necklace of his ashes I've never been able to wear and I break down even just lookin at it. I think of him EVERY SINGLE DAY. He would have been 3 today and I want to begin the healing process but I don't no how. I want to go through his box and honestly just cry. I feel like I have endless tears for him. My sister lights a candle every year on his birthdate and as a parent I feel sooo guilty that I'm not strong enough to even acknowledge it. Is it healthy to just cry my lungs out and go through his box? What is a healthy way for me to mourn my son today and begin the process of acceptance.

    Please help me

    2 AnswersPregnancy2 months ago
  • Will the Edd 13wk extention include the additional $600?

    Will those who filed due to corona qualify for the 13week extention? Of so will it include the additional $600 or is that completly cut off as of July? I read that you benefits will get a extention but what if you do not qualify for regular UI benefits will you still receive the 600 with a extention?

  • How can I renew a licence that has been expired for a year?

    With covid19 restrictions how am I able to renew a driver's licence that expired march2019. I've went on dmv website and it doesn't allow me to renew online,or make any dmv appointments. What are my options??

    9 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • Is my edd approved?

    I filed back in March after loosing my job. I was denied due to it going through regulars edd requirements. I had to fax in my wages from a previous job April 7th. May 24th my wages showed they were added on the UI online site. And it also updated with a weekly amount. I received two weeks of pay that Sunday $300. I called today and spoke with someone who did not have in dept answers but could see my claim. She said my claim was showing pending recomputation on April 8th and she also stated it showed somthing about a disqualification but was not able to explain why or what it meant. It wouldn't make sence to be pending or disqualified if I received a payment right?The woman seemed to be guessing and stated she wasn't able to look deep into the claim because she was a number for general information. I have not yet received recertifications for may 28th up until now. Based off last week I would need to certify June 7th. Will I receive them most likely by then? Has anyone else delt w this situation?

    Law & Ethics4 months ago
  • Why have I not received certifications of unemployment benefits?

    My claim has been going thru investigation since march to add missing wages. Sunday it was updated to show my wages,my claim amount and my weekly benefits. I did not receive a certification or a email or request to certify. I was paid two weeks of my benefits sunday. I have not received my backpay nor my pandemic portion and I have also not received any certification request. I've been calling like the rest of the world. But has anyone delt w this and had a outcome? Thank you and I'm in california

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 months ago
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    What dress style is this?

    I have been searching eeeeverywhere for a dress cut like this but I havnt found it. What is this cut called?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories4 months ago
  • Has anyone else not received the additional $600 of unemployment's benefits OR the backpay?

    I filed back in March. Lost my job due to covid. I applied before the pandemic edd so I was being based off original edd gueidlines. I didn't qualify because they had not inputted all my wages. They requested my w2's and pay stubs from previous job. Yesterday my claim online updated showing a claim amount and weekly amount ($150 weekly) today I finally had a deposit of $300 to my edd card. But I did not receive back pay nor the additional $600. I also checked the UI online and it is not showing that I was paid anything. It's still saying my last payment was in 2017 for a previous claim. Is the system just glitching? Has anyone had this happened and received there missing payments?

    P.s. I am in california

    2 AnswersUnited States4 months ago
  • How long does it take unemployment to update my claim?

    About How long does it normally take EDD to update your claim after faxing in wage affidavit? I understand covid 19 is making everything take longer but I've been waiting two months just for my wage investigation for missing wages. So without the pandemic occuring how long does that type.of thing usually take?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 months ago
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    What type of dress is this?

    I've been searching for a dress with this type of cut. But I have not been able to find it and need it asap. I've looked through countless websites but I'm not sure what this style is. I drew it to give an idea. 

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories4 months ago
  • Can I loose weight with laso tea without a bowel movement?

    I've been taking the tea for three days. The first day everything went as expected. But yesterday I drank the tea and ate ..and nothing. So I drank another packet....nothing. I waited until about 5pm and took two packets in one water bottle. NOTHING. I took it this am (two packets in one water bottle) and ate 30 min later. And nothing. Isn't the point of the tea to "detox" your system? What am I doing wrong? Thank you

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 months ago
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    Is this Micheal Jackson memorabilia worth anything?

    Back story:My dad's sister worked in a hotel back in the 80's. Micheal Jackson stayed there one day and left this book in the hotel. She has since passed and passed it on to my dad. Does anyone know what exactly it is and if it's worth anything? Inside are the music to his songs with alterations hand written not sure if it's written by Mj.

    1 AnswerCelebrities5 months ago
  • Can I file a pandemic Edd claim on the 28th if I already have a Edd claim processing?

    I filed in March when my job closed but they don't have wages for a previous job so they said it can take more than a month to process because the system is making me go through the reg Edd requirments. Can I refile when the pandimic Edd filling opens on the 28th which will probably processed faster?

    2 AnswersUnited States5 months ago