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  • Some believers have said they think atheists come here because they want to believe, but could theists come...?

    here because they don't want to believe? Reason prevents the atheist from believing, but fear may prevent some theists from not believing. Do you think some theists come here looking for reasons to feel safe about not believing? Your thoughts.

  • Fulfilled prophecies. Are they really fulfilled?

    I think fulfilled prophecies would be excellent proof that the bible is God inspired. Unfortunately I only see the gospel writers making bad attempts at this. When I read the Old Testament, those writers never had Jesus in mind. They were usually talking about Israel or it's people or the Psalms written by King David were about his suffering not Jesus. Also many prophecies seem vague.

  • Some say that God wants us to have faith so He can't prove Himself, what about others?

    Do Leprechauns and unicorns not prove themselves to us so we will have faith in them as well? Do you see my logic? If this is sound logic why do some use this as an argument for God keeping silent?

  • Is it foreshadowing or creative writing?

    It seems far more likely that the Gospel writers borrowed stories from the Old Testament when writing their Gospels than reporting what actually happened. I hear it explained as double prophecy or foreshadowing of Jesus but could it not be the other way around where the Gospel writers created Jesus life from what they already knew from the Old Testament. If it were done that way it sure would look like foreshadowing. So what do you think foreshadowing or creative writing?

  • Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:22-23 is there a conflict?

    Matthew 1:22-23 claims Jesus birth was to fulfill Isaiah 7:14. But when I read Isaiah 7 he is not prophecising about Jesus. Isaiah is providing a sign to Ahaz. He says to Ahaz, "But before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste." This took place some 500 -700 years before Jesus and was meant to take place in Ahaz lifetime since the sign was meant for him. Also Isaiah 8:18 says "Here am I, and the children the LORD has given me. We are signs and symbols in Israel from the LORD Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion." So apparently this child Immanuel is one of Isaiah's children. When I mention this to Christians they get a glazed look in their eyes and can't seem to understand what I am saying. Are their any Christians here that can understand what I am saying? No offense intended.

  • Who was the suffering servant in Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 ?

    When I first read this I thought it was talking about Jesus even though I did not think every verse described Him accurately. But after reading more of Isaiah he tells us the servant is Israel. Psalms 44 seems to run parallel to Isaiah 53 and also agrees with Israel being the servant. I know in Acts that when the eunuch asks what is Isaiah 53 about, he is told it's about Jesus. If Isaiah repeatedly tells us the servant is Israel leading up to chapter 53, is Acts wrong about the interpretation of Jesus? Or was Acts comparing Jesus to Israel and Isaiah 53 is not to be taken literally about Jesus?

  • What part of dying on the cross saves us from sin?

    Others have died on a cross and suffered much longer than Jesus did. Even the guys hanging out that day with Jesus had their legs broken because they were still alive and suffering. Jesus was on the cross for 6 hours and died. Did it have to be on a cross? Could we have chosen any form of murder to get the same results? Could Jesus have killed Himself to save us from sin? Technically Jesus committed suicide because His mission was to kill Himself by putting Himself into harms way. He knew when, where and how He was going to die. Is it the physical death that saves us? Is it what Jesus did in the Spirit that saves us?

  • Christians have you read the full bible?

    Any version, it doesn't matter. I get the feeling many Christians have never read the complete bible from front to back. It seems to me that if you are going to believe in the Christian God that you would want to know everything He has to say? That is if you are going to take Him seriously. Do you ignore the Old Testament? Do you just pick and choose the verses you will read? I know you can believe without reading but you can not understand without reading for yourself.

  • Are there any Christians that just go with the flow?

    Are you a Christian because it is safer than admitting you're not one or for the social rewards you get at church? I know other Christians will tell you there are pretend Christians but is there anyone who would admit to this? Don't get me wrong, I know there are many Christians who believe with every fiber of their being, but I thought there may be some who didn't.

  • Could Jesus life been constructed after the fact?

    The Gospel Writers had full knowledge of the Old Testament while writing their Gospels. When I read the Old Testament I see no knowledge of Jesus, but when I read the New Testament I see many references to the Old Testament. I hear a lot of Christians claim dual meaning for the Old Testament, but I think if you believe the NT to be true you have to accept dual meaning otherwise the OT proves the NT false. So back to my question. Have you Christians ever considered it a possibility that the NT writers built the story of Jesus based on what they already knew from the Old Testament?

  • Do you think Psalms 22 is about Jesus or David?

    We know David wrote it, but is he describing his suffering or prophesying Jesus suffering? Did the Gospel Writers use this as a source to describe Jesus suffering and did not mean it as a prophecy?

  • Do you think Mormons, JW, and Scientology religions are evidence ?

    That people can believe anything whether it is true or not? I only ask this because these are much newer religions and they all have many followers who believe. And if this is true shouldn't we be skeptical of what anyone believes until we consider the evidence for said believe?

  • If the wages of sin is death and Jesus paid the penalty?

    Why do we still have death if Jesus paid for our sins with His life?